Township of Warminster, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 689, 9/10/2009]
A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the purposes listed in this section, subject to additional requirements of applicable provisions of this and other Township ordinances.
The following uses are permitted by right:
[Amended by Ord. 737, 1/19/2017]
Use 2
Lawn and garden center
Use 10
Place of worship
Use 11
Public or private school
Use 12
Library or museum
Use 15
Private club or lodge
Use 16
Community center
Use 18
Adult day care
Use 20
Nursing home, personal care facility, assisted living facility, or convalescent home
Use 24
Medical or dental office/clinic
Use 25
Business or professional office
Use 27
Retail shop
Use 27a
Holiday or seasonal sales
Use 28
Service business
Use 29
Bank, savings-and-loan association
Use 30
Use 31
Repair shop
Use 32
Mortuary or funeral home
Use 33
Use 34
Indoor commercial entertainment
Use 35
Outdoor private recreation
Use 37
Veterinary office
Use 42
Trade or professional school
Use 46
Banquet/catering facility
Use 48
Limited personal service
Use 49
Equipment rental or motor vehicle leasing
Use 50
Emergency services
Use 52
Railway/transportation station
Use 55
Utility operating facility
Use 80
Accessory drive-through facility
The following uses are permitted as a special exception when authorized by the Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with the provisions of Part 26 of this chapter:
[Amended by Ord. 733, 9/15/2016]
Use 23a
Sober living facility
Use 24a
Alternative therapy provider
Use 24b
Massage therapy center
Use 30a
Tavern use
Use 30b
Hookah bar/lounge use
Use 49a
Medical marijuana dispensary
The following uses are permitted as conditional uses when authorized by the Board of Supervisors in accordance with the terms of Part 25 of this chapter:
Use 17
Day-care center
Use 38
Motor vehicle fueling station
Use 39
Car wash
Use 40
Motor vehicle sales
Use 41
Motor vehicle repair garage
Use 44
Large retail store
Use 47
Shopping center
Use 53
Public or private parking garage
Use 54
[Amended by Ord. 718, 3/20/2014]
Wireless communications facility
Use 74
Nonresidential accessory building or structure
Use 75
Motor vehicle fuel pumps
Use 77
Nonresidential wind-energy system
[Ord. 689, 9/10/2009]
All uses shall comply with the area and dimensional requirements listed in this section, unless a greater area or dimensional requirement is stated in Part 16, Use Regulations, for the specific use, in which case the requirements of Part 16 shall apply:
Minimum lot area. Each lot shall contain an area of not less than 15,000 square feet, with a width of not less than 80 feet at the front property line.
Building area. Not more than 25% of the area of each lot shall be occupied by buildings.
Front yards. There shall be a front yard along each street on which a lot abuts, which shall be not less than 35 feet in depth.
Side yards. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, each side yard shall be not less than 10 feet in width.
Rear yard. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, there shall be a rear yard on each lot, which shall be not less than 35 feet in depth.
Buffer yards. Along any zoning district boundary line or use, a buffer yard shall be provided which shall be not less than 25 feet in width, measured from such boundary line or from the street line where such street constitutes the district boundary line, and shall be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Such buffer yards may be conterminous with any required yard in this district, and, in case of conflict, the largest yard requirement shall apply.
Off-street parking and loading space, pedestrian walkways and motor vehicle access shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
Impervious surface ratio. No more than 50% of the total lot area shall be covered with impervious surface.