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Township of Kingston, PA
Luzerne County
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Authorized an agreement with Dallas Borough and Dallas Township for a feasibility study for a sewer system. (Res. 7/13/1960)
Authorized an agreement with Dallas Borough, and Dallas Township for a revised sewer plant study. (Res. 3/9/1966)
Agreed to form the Back Mountain Municipal Authority for a sewer system with Dallas Borough and Dallas Township. (Res. 4/17/1967)
Agreed to support County-wide sewer planning in accordance with Act 537, the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act. (Res. 7/12/1967)
Authorizing and directing the execution and delivery of a service agreement dated as of January 1, 1971 with Dallas Area Municipal Authority; approving the provisions thereof; consenting to and approving assignment thereof. (Ord. 1970-5, 12/9/1970)
Authorizing Dallas Area Municipal Authority, for purposes of its sewer facilities, to enter in, under and upon any and all public streets or other ways and prescribing conditions of entry; granting the authority the right and easement to construct and maintain such facilities under such streets and ways. (Ord. 1970-7, 12/9/1970)
Approving the plan of construction in respect of sanitary sewage collection and treatment facilities to be constructed by Dallas Area Municipal Authority to serve certain areas of the Municipality and approving the estimated cost thereof as a limit on the amount to be assessed by the Authority according to the foot-front rule; providing that such approvals shall not preclude benefit assessments in appropriate cases. (Ord. 1970-8, 12/9/1970)
Approve the Sewer Authority bond issue. (Res. 12/9/1970)
Approved the plan of the Authority for sewer system. (Res. 12/21/1970)
Approved the feasibility report for sewering: Dug Road- Carverton Crossroads, Powder Horn West Machill Avenue, Stoneledge, Orchard View Terrace, and White Buck Trailer Park. (Res. 8/9/1972)
Approved the Sewer Authority Master Plan. (Res. 10/11/1972)
Approved increase in sewer rates by the Dallas Area Municipal Authority. (Res. 12/11/1974)
Approving the report required by section 206 of the Local Government Unit Debt Act; directing the filing of such report with the Department of Community Affairs to qualify that portion of the gross lease rental debt of the Township securing bonds proposed to be issued which may be excluded from such gross lease rental debt as self-liquidating debt for the purposes of establishing the net lease rental debt of the Township and determining its debt limit. (Ord. 1977-45, 8/30/1977)
Approving Step I Sewage Facility Plan of the Dallas Area Municipal Authority as prepared by Roy F. Weston, Inc. (Res. 87-9, 8/12/1987)
Adopting and submitting to DER the official sewage facilities plan of the Kachmar subdivision, prepared by Andrew Kachmar. (Res. 1992-4, 4/8/1992)
Adopting and submitted to DER the official sewage facilities plan of the Hillbrook Farms subdivision, prepared by Hillbrook Farms Corp. (Res. 1992-10, 8/12/1992)
Adopting and submitting to DER the official sewage facilities plan of the Medowcrest Re-plat lots. (Res. 1995-7A, 11/8/1995)
Adopting and submitting to Department of Environmental Protection a revision to the "Official Sewage Facilities Plan" of the Brown Manor Sewer System, prepared by Dallas Area Municipal Authority. (Res. 1998-7, 8/12/1998)
Adopting the Land Development Sewage Facilities Agreement as promulgated by the Dallas Area Municipal Authority on 9/14/2006 as applicable to and binding on the development and construction of residential structures in the Township and repealing a prior Developers' Sewage Facilities Agreement. (Res. 2007-1, 1/10/2007)