Village of Fox Point, WI
Milwaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Fox Point as §§ 12.01 to 12.21 of the 1961 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 756.
Electrical standards — See Ch. 770.
Fires and fire prevention — See Ch. 781.
Swimming pools, wading pools and spas — See Ch. 842.
This chapter of the Fox Point Village Code is the Fox Point Plumbing Code, which code applies to and governs all plumbing installations in the Village of Fox Point.
Plumbing, for the purpose of this chapter, will be defined as set forth in § 145.01, Wis. Stats.
Appointment. The Village Board shall appoint a plumbing inspector who shall be a practical plumber, skilled sanitarian, or competent person familiar with plumbing installation. The Plumbing Inspector shall serve for an indeterminate term. The Plumbing Inspector shall act under the direction and supervision of the Village Manager. Said Inspector shall inspect and have supervision over all plumbing and plumbing installations within the Village of Fox Point.
Duties. The Plumbing Inspector shall maintain public office hours necessary to efficiently administer the provisions of this chapter and shall perform the following duties:
Prepare suitable forms for the application of permits required, and keep in his office a proper detailed record of all the transactions of his office. He shall file such reports as requested by this municipality on all transactions of his office.
Examine and check plans, specifications, drawings, descriptions or diagrams where necessary to show clearly the kind and extent of plumbing work covered by the permit application.
Administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter in a manner consistent with the intent thereof and inspect all plumbing work authorized by any permit to assure compliance with provisions of this chapter, approving or rejecting said work in whole or in part as conditions require.
Collect all fees or permits issued as provided by this chapter, issue receipts and turn over all such collected fees to the Village Clerk/Treasurer.
Issue upon request a certificate of approval for any work approved by him.
Condemn and reject all work done or materials used or being used which do not in all respects comply with the provisions of this chapter.
Keep a record of all main sewer connections, if such sewer is available, showing location of all junctions and other data necessary for the efficient service of his department.
File a monthly report governing permit transactions with the Village Manager.
The Plumbing Inspector or his assistants shall carry proper credentials of their respective office and exhibit such credentials when demanded by those whose permission is sought to gain entry into or unto a premises. When refused such entry, the Plumbing Inspector is authorized to seek and gain legal entry.
No permit shall be issued for any sewer or water connection, and no person shall be allowed to connect with the public sewer or water system of this community, while there is outstanding against the premises for which the permit is applied for any delinquency in the payment of any tax or assessment for the installation, maintenance or operation of any sewer, public sewerage or water system, except in cases where special permission to do so has been granted by the Plumbing Inspector.
Whenever any construction regulated by this chapter is being or has been done contrary to the requirements of this chapter, the Plumbing Inspector may order all work stopped on that portion of the installation on which such violation has occurred and to order removal or correction on which the violation has occurred. No person shall do any work on any portion of the installation after a stop order has been issued by the Plumbing Inspector.
Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters SPS 381 to 387 and NR 812, as now written and as may be amended from time to time, are herewith adopted by reference, with the same force as if set forth herein in full.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Prior to the issuing of a permit for plumbing, which necessitates excavation in a public street or road, the Plumbing Inspector shall require satisfactory evidence that the person or corporation applying for such permit carries public liability insurance in a solvent insurance company, in the sum of at least $100,000 for injury to one person and $300,000 for one accident, and $50,000 for injury to property. Such certificate of insurance shall be conditioned that the applicant will indemnify and save harmless the Village of Fox Point, its officers and agents against any all claims for injuries and/or property damage resulting or arising from any negligence on the part of the applicant, his agents, employees and subcontractors.
Provided further that any bona fide association of plumbers or plumbing contractors may file such certificate of insurance on behalf of its members providing the above required coverage for each of its members for a given period of time, not to exceed one year from the date of the filing thereof. Upon the filing of such certificate of insurance, each such member applying for a permit shall be deemed to have complied with the insurance requirements of this section. Such certificate of insurance shall be accompanied by an appropriate instrument or instruments authorizing any such association to execute such certificate of insurance for and on behalf of its members.
Cooperation. It shall be the duty of all police officers to report at once to the Plumbing Inspector any buildings within their respective districts at which plumbing work is being carried on without permits as required by the Plumbing Code. It shall be the duty of other Village enforcement officers to cooperate with the Plumbing Inspector in the enforcement of the Plumbing Code. It also shall be the duty of the police officers, Plumbing Inspector, or Health Officer to inquire into cases of violation of the Plumbing Code and to report the same to the proper officer for investigation and prosecution.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Report of existing unsanitary conditions. Whenever it shall be reported to the Health Officer by the Plumbing Inspector that the plumbing in any building is contrary to the provisions of this chapter, or is of faulty construction and liable to spread sickness or disease, or is a menace to health, or upon complaint made to the Health Officer by any person that the plumbing in any building is defective, then said Health Officers shall direct the Plumbing Inspector to examine such plumbing in said building and report his findings, in writing, to the Health Officer, suggesting such changes as are necessary to put the same in proper condition. Said Health Officer thereupon shall direct such changes to be made as he deems necessary and fix the time for doing the same. Any person refusing to comply therewith shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this section, and each day's continuance thereof shall constitute a separate offense.
Every building intended for human habitation which has access to a public sewer shall have a connection with that sewer. Such buildings which have access to the sewer on Beach Drive built in 1988 shall have a connection with that sewer by June 1, 1989.
All sump pumps installed for the purpose of discharging clear waters from foundation drains and ground infiltration, and where the building is not serviced by a storm sewer, shall either discharge into a conduit leading to a drainage ditch or shall discharge onto the ground at least three feet out from the building and one foot above the permanent grade. The sump discharge pipe shall be to the front of the building except where a drainage ditch or ravine is on another side of the property, it may be located on that side of the building. Every discharge pipe shall be at least three feet from the corner of the building and be located in such a manner that the drainage shall be across the owner's property toward a street or drainage easement so as not to run on adjacent properties or to create a nuisance.
No plumbing work, as herein defined, shall be started or continued within the jurisdiction or this chapter until a permit therefor has first been obtained from the Plumbing Inspector. Except as stipulated in § 145.06 of the Wisconsin Statutes, such permits will only be issued to licensed master plumbers.
The application for a permit to do plumbing work in the Village of Fox Point shall fully and truly give owner's name, address and telephone number, description of property, work to be accomplished and must be signed personally by the master plumber or property owner making application. In the event a master plumber shall fail to comply with the provisions of this chapter, or shall fail to remedy any defective work after the serving of a written notice by the Plumbing Inspector, then the Plumbing Inspector may determine whether further permits may be issued to such plumber.
A plumbing permit shall remain in force for six months after the date of issuance. In the event that all plumbing work is not completed within such time, the permit can be revoked at the discretion of the Plumbing Inspector.
A plumbing permit also may be revoked at any time during the six-month period if the plumber does not comply with all provisions of the Plumbing Code.
Should a plumber request that this permit be voided before any inspections are made, all fees paid with the exception of $10 which shall be retained for clerical expenses shall be refunded. In the event that partial inspections have been made, the entire permit fee shall be retained.
The applicable fees as described in Chapter 63 of this Code shall be paid to the Village of Fox Point prior to the issuance of a plumbing permit or at such later date as determined by the Plumbing Inspector.
For plumbing work that involves work in a right-of-way or upon a Village street or sidewalk, a deposit shall be required as described in § 292-9 of the Village Code.
When opening any street surface or other public way, all excavated material between main and lot line must be removed from the site. A passageway for stormwater must be maintained. All excavations between main and lot line shall be refilled with crushed road gravel. The top two inches in the roadway shall be asphalt. No street opening shall be left open between 4:30 p.m. Friday and 8:00 a.m. Monday. No more than 50% of the roadway shall be excavated at one time. The above excavation procedures shall be followed except when, because of unusual conditions, special permission for a variance has been granted by the Plumbing Inspector.
Every plumber must enclose each opening he may make in the road, street or public way with sufficient barriers to warn persons using such road, street or public way of the existence of such opening. Caution lights must be kept burning from sunset to sunrise, one light to be placed at each end of the opening in the street and additional lights to be placed in between at the intervals of three feet. All necessary precautions shall be taken to guard the public effectually from accident or damage to persons or property from the beginning to completion of work. Plumbers and owners will be held liable for all damages, including costs, incurred by the Village of Fox Point, in defending any action brought against it for damage and costs of any appeals that may result from the neglect of the servants, agents or employees of said plumber, or of the plumber, or of any failure to take any necessary precaution against injury, or damage to persons, houses, vehicles or property of any kind.
Notification of inspector. The plumber in charge shall notify the Plumbing Inspector at least 24 hours before starting any work in any road, street, or public way. If in the judgment of the Plumbing Inspector, sufficient equipment and material is on hand for the job to be done, he shall grant permission to commence work. Work shall not be started without such permission.
For each sewer or water connection with public mains, for the construction of which sewer or water no assessment has previously been levied against the premises defined in the application for permit, an assessment fee in proportion to the fee paid by other owners of property in the area for the construction of said public sewer or water shall be paid by the owners of such premises.
All new proposed building plans for buildings in all zoning districts except residential districts shall be approved by the Director of Public Works/Village Engineer and Plumbing Inspector as to stormwater drainage before a building permit is issued.
Any person who shall intentionally, willfully, or maliciously injure, obstruct or damage any plumbing as defined in this chapter while being installed or after being installed will be subject to penalties as provided herein.
Persons violating this chapter shall be subject to the penalty provisions of § 1-4 of the Code of the Village of Fox Point.
Any person feeling himself aggrieved by any order or ruling of the Plumbing Inspector may appeal to the Board of Appeals within the time and in the manner as provided for an appeal from a decision of the Building Inspector in accordance with the rules of the Board of Appeals. After hearing such appeal the Board of Appeals shall affirm, reverse, or modify the order or ruling of the Plumbing Inspector as it determines proper on the evidence produced at the hearing. The order or ruling of the Plumbing Inspector shall remain in full force and effect until reversed or modified by the Board of Appeals.