Village of Spencerport, NY
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Spencerport as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Noise — See Ch. 198.
Parks — See Ch. 220.
Zoning — See Ch. 340.
[Adopted at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I)]
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any animal, bird, insect, reptile, or fish, customarily kept in the home or place of residence, which are not vicious, dangerous or otherwise obnoxious, objectionable or offensive.
One or more persons occupying a dwelling unit as a single, nonprofit housekeeping unit, who are living together as a bona fide, stable and committed living unit, being a traditional family unit or the functional equivalent thereof, exhibiting the generic character of a traditional family.
Every person having a right of property in the subject insect, animal, reptile, fish or fowl and every person who has an insect, animal, reptile, fish or fowl in his keeping or who harbors the same. An insect, animal, reptile, fish or fowl owned by one or more minors shall be deemed to be in the custody and control of the minor's parents or other head of the household where the minor resides.
An individual, firm, partnership, corporation or association of persons.
All property within Village boundaries which is not owned by the Village, including but not limited to all residential and commercial property, private streets and sidewalks and the grassy areas located adjacent to such streets and sidewalks, rights-of-way and any common area of a condominium or cooperative.
Any property owned, occupied or controlled by the Village of Spencerport or other governmental entity, including but not limited to parks, streets, sidewalks and grassy areas adjacent to streets and sidewalks.
No person shall keep, pasture, breed, raise, harbor, stable or maintain any bees, poultry, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or any other fowl or reptiles or any swine, horses, cows, mules, sheep, goats or any other animals, except domesticated pets, within the Village without permission of the Board of Trustees. Permission shall be revocable at any time if it appears that such keeping, pasturing, breeding, raising, harboring, stabling, or maintenance is objectionable or offensive by reason of noise, smell, health, safety or other cause. This section shall not apply to any public pound or animal hospital operated by a New York licensed veterinarian located within the Village.
No person who owns, keeps, harbors, has the care/custody/control of or has a property right in the following creatures shall suffer any cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine or poultry to be at large within the Village.
No person owning, harboring or keeping any animal, bird, insect or reptile shall suffer, permit or allow such creature to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or other persons by yowling, howling or making other loud or unusual noises for an unreasonable period of time or at any unreasonable time or in an unreasonable manner, nor shall such person suffer, allow or permit such creature to conduct itself in such a manner as to habitually annoy any other person.
No person owning, keeping, harboring or having the care, custody and/or control of any animal, bird, insect or reptile shall suffer, permit or allow such creature to commit any nuisance or cause damage or destruction to, or soil, defile, or defecate on (unless the soil waste is promptly picked up and removed by the aforesaid person) any public street, building or park or any private property except with the consent of the owner thereof.
Any person, firm or corporation who violates any provisions of this article or who shall omit, neglect or refuse to do any act required by this article shall, for each and every such violation and noncompliance, respectively, forfeit and pay a penalty of not exceeding $250 or be imprisoned for a period of time not exceeding 15 days, or both.