Town of Austerlitz, NY
Columbia County
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Whenever any subdivision of land is proposed to be made, and before any contract for the sale of or any offer to sell any lots in such subdivision or any part thereof is made, and before any permit for the erection of a structure in such proposed subdivision shall be granted, the owner or his duly authorized agent shall apply, in writing, for approval of such proposed subdivision, and approval must be obtained in accordance with the following procedures.
Any owner of land may, prior to subdividing or resubdividing land or implementing a lot line adjustment, submit to the Secretary or Chair of the Planning Board, at least 10 days prior to the regular meeting of the Board, five copies of a sketch plan of the proposed subdivision, which shall comply with the requirements of this chapter for the purposes of classifications of the subdivision and preliminary discussion of the application.
The sketch plan initially submitted to the Planning Board shall be based on Tax Map information or some other similarly accurate base map, at a scale preferably not less than 400 feet to the inch to enable the entire tract to be shown on one sheet.
This plan must be submitted on a sheet of paper no smaller than 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
The sketch plan shall be submitted, showing the following information:
A location map to indicate the relationship of the proposed subdivision to existing community facilities which will serve or influence the layout, such as existing road patterns, schools, parks and other public lands, local hamlets, and special districts, including school, fire, agricultural, etc.
All existing structures, existing property lines, wooded areas, streams or watercourses, wetlands and other significant physical features within the area to be subdivided and within 500 feet thereof.
The kind of development proposed, including uses (such as residential, commercial, mixed use, etc.).
The proposed pattern and approximate dimensions and areas of lots (including lot width and depth), building sites, road and driveway type and configuration, recreation areas, conservation easement areas, systems of drainage, sewage, and water supply within the subdivided area, including scale, North arrow and acreage involved.
The name of the owner of all adjoining property.
All existing restrictions on the use of the land, such as easements, covenants, and conservation easements.
For lot line adjustments, the sketch plan needs to show only a location map as described in Subsection D(1) above, the names of the owner and of adjoining owners whose lot lines will also be changed, and the revised lot layout, including a filed survey of the old and new lot lines.
The owner or applicant, as subdivider, or his duly authorized representative, shall attend the meeting of the Planning Board to discuss the requirements of this chapter and other applicable Town laws or road improvements, drainage, sewage, water supply, fire protection, recreation and similar aspects, as well as the availability of existing services and other pertinent information.
The Planning Board shall determine whether the sketch plan meets the purposes of this chapter and shall, where it deems it necessary, make specific recommendations, in writing, to be incorporated by the applicant in the next submission to the Planning Board.
Upon acceptance of the sketch plan, the Planning Board will determine whether it is a boundary line adjustment, minor subdivision or major subdivision, as defined in this chapter. The Board may require, however, when it deems it necessary for protection of the public health, safety and welfare, that a minor subdivision comply with all or some of the requirements specified for major subdivisions.
All costs for outside expertise, including engineering, planning, legal and/or other project costs deemed necessary by the Planning Board, for either a minor or a major subdivision, shall be borne by the applicant.
Within six months after classification of the sketch plan, the owner or applicant shall submit an application for approval of a minor or major subdivision preliminary plat. Otherwise, any conceptual agreement made by the Planning Board shall lapse.
Coordination with the State Environmental Quality Review Act. The owner or applicant shall provide full disclosure and truthfully cooperate with the Planning Board in its efforts to comply with the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review Act under Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law and its implementing regulations.
Receipt of a complete application and preliminary plat. An application and preliminary plat, or final plat where a preliminary plat is not required, shall not be considered complete until a negative declaration, or until a notice of completion of the draft environmental impact statement, has been filed in accordance with the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review Act.