Borough of Mifflinburg, PA
Union County
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Untitled ordinance authorizing the purchase of the Mifflinburg Academy property, and authorizing the Council to make necessary repairs, with subsequent repairs to be paid for by private subscription. (Ord. 29, 5/13/1854) (Ord. 30, 4/30/1855, repealed the provisions of this ordinance relating to repairing of the property by private subscription.)
Untitled ordinance directing the sale of the old schoolhouse lot, Lot 221 on Walnut Street, and directing that sidewalks be constructed on John Street, from George Street to Walnut Street, and on the north side of Walnut Street from High Street to John Fishel's house. (Ord. 32, 5/11/1855)
Untitled ordinance providing for the sale of timber left over from sidewalk construction work. (Ord. 35, 4/21/1858)
Untitled ordinance authorizing the sale of two lots with buildings, located at the northeast corner of Green and Sixth Streets, to Charles H. Gutelius, for $1,000. (Ord. 20, 8/4/1885)
Untitled ordinance authorizing the construction of a lockup on the Academy lot. (Ord. 23, 6/22/1887)
Untitled resolution authorizing the sale to S. W. Diehl, for $200, of a 1.55-acre tract of land, located in the East Ward of the Borough, and bounded on the north and east by land of Mr. Diehl, on the south by a lane, and on the west by the road to New Berlin. (Res. 14, 5/7/1916)
Discontinuing use of a one-story frame building of the Borough of Mifflinburg, situate on the northeast corner of Sixth and Green Street in the Borough of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, as a lockup for the temporary detention of persons. (Res. 30, 5/19/1941)
Authorizing and directing the Borough Council of Mifflinburg to purchase the garage and lot of Anna M. Brungard. (Ord. 124, 6/27/1944) (This was located on the south side of Walnut Street, had 56-foot frontage on Walnut Street, and extended back to Cherry Alley.)
Authorizing and directing the Borough Council of Mifflinburg to purchase the lot of J. Marvin Hackenburg. (Ord. 125, 6/27/1944) (The lot was located on the southwest corner of Walnut and Fifth Streets and extended back to Cherry Alley.)
Authorizing and directing the Borough Council of the Borough of Mifflinburg to purchase a certain tract of land in said Borough of the estate of David C. Galer, deceased. (Ord. 127, 9/20/1944) (The tract, containing approximately five acres, and located on the south side and in the West Ward, was bounded on the north by lands of Mrs. Annie Eaton Gutelius, on the east by property of the Borough, on the south by property of the Borough and of Mark M., Mary and Sarah Shively, and on the west by other property of the Galer Estate.)
Authorizing the execution and delivery of a proper deed, conveying part of land now owned by the Hilltop Cemetery Company to the Mifflinburg Cemetery Company to replace a lost and unrecorded deed of said land conveyed to S. W. Diehl. (Ord. 172, 4/18/1952) (The land was that conveyed to S. W. Diehl by the resolution listed in Section 8-6, above.)
Relating to the acquisition of title in fee simple to the Mifflinburg Academy Building, situate in the West Ward of the Borough of Mifflinburg, Union County, Pennsylvania. (Ord. 185, 1/18/1955) (The Borough took title, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 1937 P.L. 2793, of the property at Green and Sixth Streets, comprising 14,862 square feet, including a two-story building.)