Borough of Paxtang, PA
Dauphin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No connection to the sewer system beyond the limits of the City shall be made except under the terms, provisions and conditions set forth in this section and those in Article V of this part, if applicable, and after issuance of a permit by the Director of the DPW, or authorized agent thereof, if required by § 336-23. Any industrial establishment desiring to connect to the sewer system beyond the limits of the City shall make application to the Director, or authorized agent thereof, for a permit to connect, upon a form provided by the Superintendent. To the form shall be attached a sketch or plan showing in detail: the location and size of lot; the improvements now of such lot or thereon proposed to be erected for which the permit is requested; the precise place where the tappage is proposed to be made to the sewer system; and the location, length and size of the sewerage line proposed therefor. The Superintendent shall notify the Borough and/or affected suburban municipality upon receipt of any such application.
Any other connection to the sewer system beyond the City limits shall be according to the terms and conditions set forth in the Service Agreement of 1976, or any amendments thereto.
All such applications by an industrial establishment shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set from time to time by resolution of City Council to cover the costs and expenses of investigating same.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
Upon the filing of the application and payment of the filing fee, the Director shall forthwith cause to be made an investigation to determine whether the requested tappage will or will not be prejudicial to the best interests of the AWTF in view of the additional burden imposed on the sewer system and after taking into consideration present and anticipated future needs.
Upon the approval of any such application, the Director is authorized to issue a permit granting to the applicant the right or privilege of tapping, in conformity with the application, into a specified sanitary sewer. The permit shall be subject to Article V of this part,  to which terms, provisions and conditions the applicant, for it and any successors in title to the improvements in question, by accepting the permit and acting thereon hereby agrees to all as though specifically set forth in written conditions of the permit between the City and the applicant. The permit shall not be assignable or transferable.
Unless otherwise allowed by a permit issued pursuant to § 336-23, any connection beyond the City limits shall be for the purpose of discharging sanitary sewerage only into the sewer system.
Each industrial establishment governed by the pretreatment requirements of Article V of this part located in a suburban municipality shall be assessed a surcharge directly by the City for the pollutant load for all sewage and wastes discharged into the sewer system which exceed the maximum threshold levels set forth therein, such surcharge to be determined by the City.
Any municipality contributing to the sewer system shall agree to adopt, enforce and keep in full force and effect during the term of any agreement or discharge into the sewer system an ordinance or ordinances, or resolution or resolutions, as appropriate, prohibiting the discharge into its sewage collection system which discharges into the City sewer system of any wastes prohibited to be discharged into the sewer systems under the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City as the same shall be, from time to time, adopted.
Any municipality contributing to the sewer system shall agree to adopt such ordinances or resolutions necessary to impose any rates, charges, tariffs or requirements upon any of the customers by agreements or laws and regulations which relate to obligations assumed under such agreements.
Any municipality contributing to the sewer system shall agree to cooperate with the City in any investigation regarding industrial waste discharges into the sewer system and shall grant to the City the right to review, at any time, the volume, pollutant load and character of sewage and wastes being discharged into the sewer system.