Village of Malone, NY
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted Malone Village Board 2-14-1947, amended in its entirety 5-21-1990 by Local Law No. 4, 1990. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
As used in this local law, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Food waste.
Rejected material such as trash and garbage.
Those substances listed in 6 NYCRR 371 of the Department of Environmental Conservation Identification and Testing of Hazardous Waste Publication.
The Village Clerk shall cause to be prepared and procure suitable licenses for this purpose, consecutively numbered, one of which shall be issued to each person who owns or drives any equipment that collects refuse for consideration in the Village of Malone or who operates the business of collection.
The fees for such license will be by resolution of the Board of Trustees and may be amended by the Village Board from time to time.
Each licensee shall have such license on his person at all times of collection.
Such license shall be valid until and including April 30 following the date of its issue, is not transferable and may be revoked at any time by the Village Board.
No unauthorized person or persons, firms or corporations shall in any manner disturb or remove any garbage after it has been set out on the premises, except those having obtained a permit from the Village Clerk of Malone, New York.
No deposits of garbage or refuse shall be made by any collector thereof on any vacant lot, public street, lane, avenue, alley or public place within the village, unless so directed by the Village Board with the approval of the Board of Health officers, nor shall such garbage be mixed with ashes or other substance not subject to decay.
All garbage collectors engaged in the work of removing garbage for consideration of any kind shall have a wagon or other vehicle constructed with a tight-fitting cover or covers, or a wagon or other vehicle with metallic cans or metal receptacles with tight-fitting covers may be used on said vehicle. Said wagon or vehicle, cans or other receptacles must be kept painted and in a sanitary and clean manner and meet with the requirements of the health officer of said village.
All containers shall have notices installed stating that refuse deposited in the container must conform to this local law.
Said garbage collectors, in removing garbage from the homes or places of business in said village, must not allow the garbage to be spilled on any property or properties.
All garbage removed shall be disposed of in a lawful manner, and the conveyance, wagon, vehicle or receptacles used for said business shall be kept tightly closed and covered while being transported through the streets of the village, and no part thereof shall fall, spill or leak from such wagon or receptacle.
All garbage collectors shall at all times faithfully comply with and conform to all the rules and regulations and ordinances of the Village Board, the Board of Health and health officers in all matters connected with or related to said business of gathering or disposing of garbage in said village. This shall apply not only to the rules, regulations and ordinances now existing, but also to those that may hereafter be duly and regularly adopted.
Unsatisfactory service upon the part of either a public or private collector should be reported to the Village Clerk.
Toxic substances or materials, whether in liquid or solid form, are not allowed to be dumped or placed on any village property.
The Village Clerk shall revoke the license of any garbage collector who has been convicted of a violation of this local law. No new license shall be issued for a period of one year, except with the approval of the Board of Trustees and in accordance with such reasonable terms as it may provide.
No person shall intentionally deposit or cause to be deposited any waste material on village property unless such refuse is generated by residents of the Village or Town of Malone or unless authorized by resolution of the Village Board.
[Amended 12-9-1991 by L.L. No. 4, 1991]
The owner of such firm found in violation is also responsible.
Any violator of this local law, except for § 25-11, shall be fined $200 a day for each offense. Each day shall be considered a separate offense.
Any violation of § 25-11 of this local law will constitute a Class A misdemeanor.
[Amended 12-9-1991 by L.L. No. 4, 1991]
This local law shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.