Town of Chesapeake Beach, MD
Calvert County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated. Res. No. R-7-90, effective 11-9-1990, renumbered all sections in the Charter. Additional amendments noted where applicable.]
SUBTITLE 1 General Corporate Powers

Section C-101 General corporate powers.

SUBTITLE 2 Corporate Limits

Section C-201 Courses and distances.

SUBTITLE 3 The Council

Section C-301 Number; selection; term.

Section C-302 Qualifications.

Section C-303 Meetings.

Section C-304 Judge of qualifications of its members.

Section C-305 President and Vice-President.

Section C-306 Quorum.

Section C-307 Procedure.

Section C-308 Vacancies.

Section C-309 Ordinances.

Section C-310 Veto.

Section C-311 Referendum.

Section C-312 File of ordinances.

SUBTITLE 4 The Mayor

Section C-401 Selection; term.

Section C-402 Qualifications.

Section C-403 Powers; duties.

SUBTITLE 5 General Powers

Section C-501 Enumerated.

Section C-502 Exercise of powers.

Section C-503 Misdemeanors.

Section C-504 Municipal Infractions.

Section C-505 Civil code violations.

SUBTITLE 6 Registration, Nominations, and Elections

Section C-601 Qualifications of voters.

Section C-602 Board of Elections.

Section C-603 Removal of members.

Section C-604 General duties and powers of Board of Elections.

Section C-605 Notice of registration days and elections.

Section C-606 Registration.

Section C-607 Challenges, recounts, appeals.

Section C-608 Nomination for public office.

Section C-609 Election of Mayor and Councilmen.

Section C-610 Conduct of elections.

Section C-611 Special elections.

Section C-612 Vote count.

Section C-613 Preservation of records.

Section C-614 Vacancies.

Section C-615 Women.

Section C-616 Regulation and control by Council.

Section C-617 Penalties.

SUBTITLE 7 Finance

Section C-701 Treasurer.

Section C-702 Same; powers and duties.

Section C-703 Town Clerk.

Section C-704 Treasurer; bond.

Section C-705 Fiscal year.

Section C-706 Budget.

Section C-707 Same; adoption.

Section C-708 Appropriations.

Section C-709 Transfer of funds.

Section C-710 Over-expenditures forbidden.

Section C-711 Appropriations lapse after one year.

Section C-712 Checks.

Section C-713 Taxable property.

Section C-714 Budget authorizes levy.

Section C-715 Notice of tax levy.

Section C-716 When taxes are overdue.

Section C-717 Sale of tax delinquent property.

Section C-718 Fees.

Section C-719 Audit.

Section C-720 Tax anticipation borrowing.

Section C-721 Authority for borrowing; payment of indebtedness.

Section C-722 Previous issues.

Section C-723 Purchasing and contract.

Section C-724 Borrowing between funds.

SUBTITLE 8 Personnel

Section C-801 Clerk to Council.

Section C-802 Town Attorney.

Section C-803 Authority to employ personnel.

Section C-804 Merit system authorized.

Section C-805 Unclassified and classified service.

Section C-806 Prohibitions and penalties.

Section C-807 Retirement system.

Section C-808 Compensation of employees.

Section C-809 Employee benefit programs.

SUBTITLE 9 Public Ways

Section C-901 Definition.

Section C-902 Control.

Section C-903 Powers of town as to public ways.

Section C-904 Powers of town as to sidewalks.

SUBTITLE 10 Water and Sewers

Section C-1001 Powers of town.

Section C-1002 Placing structures in public ways.

Section C-1003 Obstructions.

Section C-1004 Entering on county public ways.

Section C-1005 Connections.

Section C-1006 Same; charge.

Section C-1007 Changes in plumbing, etc., to prevent waste or improper use.

Section C-1008 Private systems.

Section C-1009 Extensions beyond boundaries.

Section C-1010 Right of entry.

Section C-1011 Pollution of water supply.

Section C-1012 Contracts for water.

Section C-1013 Charges.

Section C-1014 Exception.

SUBTITLE 11 Special Assessments

Section C-1101 Power of town to levy.

Section C-1102 Procedure.

SUBTITLE 12 Town Property

Section C-1201 Acquisition, possession, and disposal.

Section C-1202 Condemnation.

Section C-1203 Town buildings.

Section C-1204 Protection of town property.

SUBTITLE 13 General Provisions

Section C-1301 Oath of office.

Section C-1302 Official bonds.

Section C-1303 Prior rights and obligations.

Section C-1304 (Reserved)

Section C-1305 Effect of Charter on existing ordinances.

Section C-1306 Separability.

Section C-1307 "Town" construed to mean "city."