Village of Argyle, WI
Lafayette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Argyle 12-7-2005 as Title 8, Ch. 1, Sec. 8-1-9, of the 2005 Village Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 190.
Public nuisances — See Ch. 405.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 465.
Solid waste — See Ch. 550.
Zoning — See Ch. 715.
The following definitions shall be applicable in this chapter:
A container constructed of concrete or metal, or the container shall be lined with metal or other material that is impervious to rodents, and openings into the container such as doors shall be tight-fitting to prevent the entrance of rodents.
Wire screening of such thickness and spacing as to afford reasonable protection against the entrance of rodents.
Whenever any person or persons shall be in actual possession of or have charge, care or control of any property within the Village, as executor, administrator, trustee, guardian or agent, such person or persons shall be deemed and taken to be the owner or owners of such property within the true intent and meaning of this chapter and shall be bound to comply with the provisions of this chapter to the same extent as the owner, and notice to any such person of any order or decision of the Building Inspector or his/her designee shall be deemed and taken to be a good and sufficient notice, as if such person or persons were actually the owner or owners of such property, except that whenever an entire premises or building is occupied as a place of business, such as a store, factory, warehouse, rooming house, junkyard, lumberyard or any other business under a single management, the person, firm or corporation in charge of such business shall be considered the owner or manager.
Any place where rodents can live and nest without fear of frequent molestation or disturbance.
Shall consist of closing openings in building foundations and openings under and around doors, windows, vents and other places which could provide means of entry for rodents, with concrete, sheet iron, hardware cloth or other types of rodentproofing material approved by the Village.
Whenever accumulations of rubbish, boxes, lumber, scrap metal, car bodies or any other materials provide rodent harborage, the person, firm or corporation owning or in control of such materials shall cause the materials to be removed or the materials shall be stored so as to eliminate the rodent harborage. Lumber boxes and similar materials shall be neatly piled. These piles shall be raised at least a foot above the ground. When the owner of the materials cannot be found after a reasonable search, the owner or manager of the premises on which the materials are stored shall be responsible for disposal or proper piling of the materials.
No person, firm or corporation shall place, or allow to accumulate, any materials that may serve as a food for rodents in a site accessible to rodents. Any waste material that may serve as food for rodents shall be stored in rodentproof containers. Feed for birds shall be placed on raised platforms, or such feed shall be placed where it is not accessible to rodents.
Whenever rodent holes, burrows or other evidence of rodent infestation are found on any premises or in any building within the Village, it shall be the duty of the owner or manager of such property to exterminate the rodents or to cause the rodents to be exterminated. Within 10 days after extermination, the owner or manager shall cause all of the rodent holes or burrows in the ground to be filled with earth or other suitable material.
It shall be the duty of the owner or manager of any building in the Village of Argyle to make such building reasonably rodentproof, to replace broken basement windows and, when necessary, to cover the basement window openings with hardware cloth or other suitable material for preventing rodents from entering the building through such window openings.