Borough of Verona, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Verona as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 3-31-1970 by Ord. No. 1-1970 (Ch. I, Part 4B, of the 1976 Code of Ordinances)]

§ 46-1 Validation of auxiliary police force.

The present auxiliary police force now in existence and its use in conjunction with the regular police shall be validated by this article.

§ 46-2 Residency required; governance.

All members of the auxiliary police force shall be residents of the Borough of Verona and shall govern themselves in all matters excepting when sworn in by the Mayor or Chief of Police of the Borough of Verona to assist in times of distress, disaster and emergency, in which case they will be regulated and governed by the Chief of Police of the Borough and subordinated to the regular police.

§ 46-3 Special police.

The auxiliary police will, at all times, have within its organization a standing number of people who are willing to serve as "special police" when needed and as prescribed by law in such cases.

§ 46-4 Equipment and powers of auxiliary police.

Any auxiliary police officer assigned to any duty prescribed by law must be fully equipped with sidearm and chemical mace for his own protection. If assigned to night traffic control, he shall, in addition to the above, be issued a fluorescent vest and flashlight. An auxiliary police officer cannot restrain or make arrests unless prescribed by law, which duty is deferred to the regular police or, in special cases where the law allows, to the special police created from within the auxiliary police force.

§ 46-5 Powers of special police; compensation.

The special police, when called to active duty by the Mayor or the Chief of Police or the Lieutenant of Police, shall have the same powers as the regular police unless the law dictates otherwise. The special police, when assigned to active duty, will be paid at the rates established for beginning police and will be insured against injury or death, as are the regular police. A special police officer will, at all times, be subordinate to the regular police.

§ 46-6 Recruitment of special police; qualifications.

In the event that candidates for special police duty are not available from among the auxiliary police, Council will then have the right to recruit from the community at large. Selections as to qualification and fitness for special police status shall be made by the Chief of Police of the Borough of Verona.

§ 46-7 Duty of regular police.

It will be the duty and obligation of every member of the regular police force to make available to the special police who are called to active duty all information, direction and guidance possible as regards the law and ordinance enforcement of the community.
[Adopted 10-19-1976 by Ord. No. 1034[1] (Ch. I, Part 4B, of the 1976 Code of Ordinances)]
Editor's Note: Original Section 4 of this ordinance specifically repealed ordinances of August 31, 1908, and March 1, 1916.

§ 46-8 Police Department established.

A Police Department is hereby established in and for the Borough of Verona. The Chief of Police shall be the chief executive of the Police Department. He shall, under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, be in charge of the police force and have supervision over its members in the exercise of their powers, duty and authority, provided that the Police Department previously created in and for the Borough of Verona shall constitute the Police Department hereby created.

§ 46-9 Subordinate classifications.

Subordinate to the Chief of Police in the Police Department, the classifications of lieutenant and patrolman are hereby established. The number of persons to serve as lieutenant or patrolman, on a full-time and/or part-time basis, and the compensation of each, shall be determined by the Borough Council from time to time.

§ 46-10 Special policemen.

Nothing herein contained shall affect the authority of the Mayor to appoint special policemen during emergencies.

§ 46-11 Municipal police cooperative agreement.

[Added 9-13-1994 by Ord. No. 5-1994]
The Borough of Verona has evidenced its intent to participate in the Tactical Narcotics Task Force designed to combat the illegal possession and trafficking of narcotics and other illegal or controlled drugs within its municipal boundaries as well as within the boundaries of other near or adjacent communities through cooperation with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and other signatory municipalities.
The Borough of Verona hereby adopts the agreement which provides a framework for intergovernmental police cooperation with various signatory municipalities under the terms of which police officers of each such municipality shall be and are granted the authority to officially act as police officers in any other signatory municipality, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreements, copies of which are attached hereto, made a part hereof and marked as exhibits "A" and "B."[1]
Editor's Note: Exhibits A and B are on file in the Borough offices.
The duration of the agreements shall be indefinite, subject to termination as provided in the agreements.
Each municipality shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by reason of action taken by its police officers pursuant to this agreement with the assistance of funds supplied by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.
The organizational structure necessary to implement the agreement, to the extent that it is not set forth in the agreements, shall be covered by directives, procedures and guidance from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and other area police departments from municipalities which are signatories to said agreement.
All property, real or personal, which may be acquired, managed, licensed or disposed of pursuant to this agreement shall be in accordance with both the terms of the agreement as well as the directives, procedures and guidance of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.
The municipality shall retain responsibility for the management, direction and control of its employees with assistance, financial or otherwise, from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.
The entity created by this section shall be empowered to enter into contracts for polices of group life insurance and employee benefits, including social security, for its employees.
This section shall become effective upon the execution of the agreements.