City of Hagerstown, MD
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 9-27-1983 by Res. No. 1983-36; 1-27-2009 by Res. No. R-09-03; 1-27-2009 by Res. No. R-09-04; 1-24-2009 by Res. No. R-09-05; 5-26-2009 by Res. No. R-09-26; 6-21-2011 by Res. No. R-11-30]
The Mayor shall be elected as hereinafter provided and shall hold office for a term of four years, except for those elected in 2009, and until a successor is elected and qualified. The newly elected Mayor shall take office on the third Monday following the date of the general election. The Mayor holding office at the time this charter becomes effective shall continue to hold office for the term for which elected and until a successor takes office under the provisions of this charter.
As of the date of: (i) the general election at which the Mayor is elected; or (ii) the date of the selection of the Mayor pursuant to § 506 of this Charter, the Mayor shall: (a) be at least twenty-five years of age; (b) have resided within the corporate limits of the city for at least one year immediately preceding the date of said general election; and (c) be a qualified voter of the city. If the Mayor shall fail to continue to reside within the corporate limits of the city during the entire term for which elected or selected, the office of Mayor shall be declared vacant.
The Mayor shall receive an annual salary as set from time to time by an ordinance passed by the Council in the regular course of business. No change shall be made in the salary for any Mayor during the term for which elected. The ordinance making any change in the salary paid to the Mayor, either by way of increase or decrease, shall be finally ordained prior to the general election to elect the next succeeding Mayor and shall take effect only as to the next succeeding Mayor.
Generally. - The Mayor shall be the chief elected executive officer of the City and shall see that the Ordinances of the City and provisions of this Charter are faithfully executed. In addition, as the presiding officer of the Legislative Branch, he shall see that the policies and resolutions of the City Council are faithfully executed and no policy or resolution shall be changed or modified without prior City Council approval.
Reports and recommendations to Council. - The Mayor each year shall report to the Council the condition of municipal affairs and make such recommendations as he deems proper for the public good and welfare of the city.
Veto. - The Mayor shall have the power to veto ordinances passed by the Council as provided in § 208.
Tie Vote. - Except in the passage of ordinances and in the filling of Council vacancies, in the case of a 2 to 2 tie vote of the Council, the Mayor shall have the deciding vote to approve an action.
Other powers and duties. - The Mayor shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or as may be required of him by the Council, not inconsistent with this Charter.