Town of Holland, WI
Sheboygan County
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[Adopted 5-9-2011 by Ord. No. 4-2011]
Claims to be audited. Prior to submission of any bill or voucher to the Town Board for approval of payment, or prior to payment of any bill or voucher as provided in Subsection D below, the Town Clerk shall audit and approve each bill or voucher as a proper charge and endorse his or her approval thereon, after determining that the following conditions have been complied with:
Funds are available under the budget to pay the bill or voucher.
The item or service covered by the bill or voucher has been duly authorized by the proper official, department head, board or commission.
The item or service covered by the bill or voucher has been actually supplied or rendered in conformity with the authorization described in Subsection A(2).
The claim is accurate in amount and a valid claim against the Town.
Proof of compliance. The Town Clerk may require submission of proof to determine compliance with the conditions of Subsection A above.
Town Board to approve payment. Except as provided in Subsection D below, no bill or voucher shall be paid until it has been approved by the Town Board and an order drawn on the Town Treasurer therefor.
Payment of recurring claims. The following claims that are recurring charges and that require timely payment and are not in dispute may be paid without prior Town Board approval: payroll for employees and elected officials, payroll benefits, charge cards, utility bills, insurance premiums, loan payments and license fees. After the Town Clerk has approved such a recurring claim pursuant to Subsection A, the Town Clerk shall prepare and sign a check and have it countersigned by the Town Treasurer and Town Chairperson. The completed check may then be mailed or delivered to the appropriate party. The Town Clerk shall file with the Town Board not less than monthly a list of the claims approved and paid pursuant to this subsection, showing the date paid, name of claimant, purpose and amount.