Borough of Doylestown, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 301]
Each connection unit on each improved property shall be connected separately to a service lateral through a building sewer. Special written permission must be obtained from the Borough to group more than one connection unit on one building sewer.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 302]
All costs and expenses of construction of a building sewer and all costs and expenses of connection of a building sewer to the collection sewer or service lateral shall be borne by the owner of the improved property to be connected; and such owner shall indemnify and save harmless this Borough from all loss or damage that may be occasioned, directly or indirectly, as a result of construction of a building sewer or of connection of a building sewer to the sewer lateral and/or collection sewer.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 303]
Materials for a building sewer, jointing materials and methods of installation shall be in accordance with requirements of this code, and shall be subject to approval of this Borough.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 304]
The permit required by § 105 shall be displayed prominently upon the improved property to be connected to a sewer at all times during construction of the building sewer and connection of the building sewer to the service lateral and/or collection sewer.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 305]
A building sewer shall be connected to a collection sewer at the service lateral or at the place where the wye (Y) in the collection sewer is located. No person shall make a connection directly to or tamper with a collection sewer in any manner, except as herein provided.
All work of making connections to any of the Borough sewers shall be done under the personal supervision of an authorized representative of the Borough or its consulting engineer and shall conform to the following requirements:
The location of existing service wye (Y) or house laterals will be secured by the property owner from the Borough records before construction is undertaken so that the house sewer may be properly located. If the existing service wye or service lateral location is not suitable for building sewer connecting alignment or a service wye or service lateral does not exist, the connection to the collection system shall be made with an approved saddle fitting properly installed and encased in a minimum of six inches of concrete on all sides of fitting. All associated costs shall be paid by the property owner.
Connections to the collection sewer where no branch or wye (Y) fitting has been previously provided shall be made with an approved saddle type fitting properly installed and encased in an envelope of concrete extending completely around the barrel of the collection sewer pipe, and a minimum of six inches either side of fitting, the cost thereof shall be paid by the property owner.
All joints shall be sealed and made watertight, and shall be made smooth and clean inside, with all sewers in proper alignment and of proper grade, so as to provide free flow of sewage matter without any obstructions, and to be made in accordance with the Borough specifications for its sanitary sewers. All work pertaining to the connection with the Borough sewers shall be, financially and otherwise, the responsibility of the owner of the property with which connection is made, subject to the right of supervision hereby reserved by the Borough.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 306]
Connections to the service laterals shall be made of the same pipe diameter (size), properly joined. When the building sewer is made with a pipe of larger diameter than the existing service lateral, the building sewer shall be extended to the collection sewer and connected with a saddle fitting.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 307]
All connections shall be made pursuant to §§ 210, 225, and the other provisions of this code.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 308]
There will be charged and imposed upon the owner of each connection unit a tapping fee as set forth in the appropriate resolutions adopted by the Borough from time to time. Such tapping fee shall be due and payable to the Borough at the time the connection is made by the owners required to connect to the sewer by Borough ordinance. If the owner fails to connect in the allotted time covered by the ordinance, then the tapping fee shall be due and payable 60 days, including the allotted time under the ordinance, after written notice to connect is given to the owner by the Borough. Owners not required to connect but [who] desire to do so shall pay the tapping fee at the time of permit application approval.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 309]
Any individual desiring to do plumbing installation or other plumbing work upon the building sewer and its connection with the service lateral connected with any improved property which is connected to or which is to be connected to a sewer shall obtain from the Borough a permit authorizing such individual to engage in such plumbing work. Such permits shall be issued on a calendar year basis. A fee, as adopted by resolution by Borough Council, shall be charged for issuance of each permit. Such permits shall be issued to such individuals who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Borough that they are qualified and capable of performing plumbing work in accordance with good plumbing practice and shall be revocable by this Borough for negligent or willful failure to comply with these rules and regulations. Any individual who is performing plumbing work must file the following insurance certificates at the time they apply for their permit:
Property Damage, Minimum
Personal Injury —
Injury to any one person Minimum
Injuries in any one incident Minimum
Such permit shall be reissued from calendar year to calendar year by appropriate endorsement of this Borough or by issuance of a new permit, at the discretion of this Borough upon payment of the required fee. Owners, their agents, employees or independent contractors may do trench preparation work independently of the plumbing work involved upon receipt of a permit from the Borough and subject to compliance with these regulations and inspection requirements.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 310]
Any improved property upon which plumbing work is performed by an individual not possessing a permit as required under § 309 will not be approved for connection to a sewer.