Borough of Doylestown, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 701]
No person shall be permitted to develop a subdivision, tract or parcel of land without first obtaining a sewer permit from the Borough. Such permit shall be issued to the person required to comply to this code subject always to compliance with the code.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 702]
No lot in a subdivision may be sold, no permit shall be issued to erect, alter or repair any building in a subdivision, tract or parcel of land until the sewer permit is approved, recorded and escrow monies have been posted with the Borough sufficient to cover the construction cost of the sewer installation, engineering and/or review, inspection during construction and other direct costs incurred by the Borough resulting from this particular work.
[Ord. 1977-12, 10/17/1977, § 703]
The following procedure outlines the prerequisites to be fulfilled by the owner and the special requirements of the Borough.
Preliminary Approval. Preliminary or initial approval of the project at the expense of the owner is required by the Borough in order that the Authority may review what is proposed and provide whatever prior planning is necessary to include additional users in the system. In general, the Borough and consulting engineer review will determine:
If plan conforms to the Borough Master Sewer Plan.
If existing sewer system and appurtenances are of sufficient size and capacity for inclusion of additional users.
Prepare Detailed Plans and Specifications. Detailed plans, profiles and construction specifications are to be prepared for the project. Minimum design standards as set forth in the "Sewerage Manual" of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources are to be maintained in all situations. Sewer plans shall conform to all the specifications established by the Borough. In no cases will lesser standards than exist in the present specifications or as outlined in this code be adopted by the Borough.
Where pump station or ejector stations are used in the design, stand-by generation will be required as an auxiliary source of electrical power. The generator equipment will be of sufficient size to supply electrical power to the entire pump and/or ejector station. Emergency or b-pass connection that would by-pass the pumps and/or ejector station is prohibited. The specification for the pump and ejector station and emergency generation equipment shall be subject to the review and approval of the Borough and the consulting engineer.
Standard specifications for the collection sewers shall be purchased from the Borough.
Information relative to specifications for building sewers is available in Parts 2 and 3 of this code [Chapter 18].
The owner shall submit a specified number of the as-build plans to the Borough prior to the Borough's final acceptance of the system.
Approval of Plans and Specifications. The Borough and consulting engineer, at the expense of the owner, shall review plans and specifications submitted to the Borough.
After the plans and specifications have been approved by the Borough and the consulting engineer, the Borough will submit the plans and specifications to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources for approval of that portion of the sewer system governed by their regulations. The Borough shall also apply for State, County and Borough Highway Permit(s), stream encroachment permit(s), railroad crossing permit(s), and all other permits associated with the sewer extension.
Enter into Agreement with the Borough. The Borough Solicitor, at the expense of the owner, shall prepare an agreement between the Borough and owner. The agreement shall, among other items, provide for the owner to escrow sufficient funds to defray the Borough costs for:
Review and approval of plans;
Preparation of agreements and permits;
Inspection of construction by consulting engineer;
Design fee for consulting engineer if applicable.
Construction and Inspection. The owners shall construct, at their own expense, all lines, pumping facilities and appurtenances required for their development regardless of the proximity of the development to the Borough collection system.
All construction work associated with the sewer lines and appurtenances within the corporation limits of the Borough shall be subject to inspection by the Borough and the consulting engineer. After a final inspection and acceptance of the collection system the Borough will issue a Certificate of Completion which will state that the collection [system] has been constructed according to the Borough requirements. Requirements for maintenance bonds, dedication, conveyance of sewer right-of-ways are contained in Ordinance Number _____, Sub-Division Ordinance, Doylestown Borough.