Borough of Doylestown, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 1969-5, 9/15/1969, § 4; as amended by Ord. 1974-14, 12/16/1974, § 1; by Ord. 1981-11, 12/21/1981, § 1; by Ord. 1982-22, 12/20/1982, § 1; by Ord. 1985-5, § 2; and by Ord. 1985-14, 12/16/1985, § 1; and by Ord. 1987-15, 12/21/1987, § 1; and by Ord. 1988-21, 12/19/1988, § 1]
Beginning with the next billing due date (as heretofore established) on or subsequent to January 1, 1989, and until otherwise directed by Ordinance, the prices to be paid by the owners of property serviced by the Borough's public sanitary sewer system shall be as follows, computed quarter-annually:
The minimum charge for each connection for sanitary sewer service shall be $25 for three months' service, for which sanitary sewer service shall be provided on the basis of 8,000 gallons of metered water used, provided, however, that in the case of more than one family unit serviced by the same connection to the Borough's sanitary sewer system, the said minimum charge shall be $25 per family unit for three months' service and the gallonage of metered water allowed for such connection shall be 8,000 multiplied by the number of family units.
The rate for all sanitary sewer service in excess of the minimums above specified for each connection shall be $5.40 per thousand gallons of metered water used.
NOTE: This Part 9 was originally found in Ordinance 1969-5, as enacted and has been retained in this Chapter. All other sections of Ordinance 1969-5 have been repealed due to conflict with the provisions of Ordinance 1977-12.
[Ord. 1969-5, 9/15/1969, § 5]
The collection of said rentals shall be made by the Borough Secretary or such other person as the Borough Council of the Borough of Doylestown shall designate who shall have power to make such regulations and establish such systems of billing and collection as may be in the best interests of the proper management of said sewage disposal and treatment plants and as shall be approved by Borough Council.
[Ord. 1974-14, 12/16/1974, § 2]
Each of the following is a "family unit" to which separate sanitary sewer rates are applicable:
A building under one roof and occupied as one business or residence; or
A combination of buildings in one common enclosure occupied by one family or business, including a private garage of the occupants; or
One side of a double house having a solid vertical partition wall; or
One side or part of a house occupied by one family even though the water closet and other fixtures be used in common; or
A building of more than one apartment and using in common one hall and one entrance; or
A building having a number of apartments or offices, or business and using in common, one hall and one or more means of entrance.
[Ord. 1969-5, 9/15/1969, § 6]
All rates, rentals and charges established herein shall be payable at the Borough Office, and shall be and remain until paid, a lien upon the premises served by such connection in the same manner as all other taxes and municipal charges upon real estate; and the Borough of Doylestown shall have the same remedies for the collection of said rates, rentals and other charges with interest, costs and penalties as fixed by said Borough, as the said Borough has under the laws of this State for the collection of taxes and other municipal liens upon real estate.