Cecil County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 1996, ch. 658, § 1 (Ch. 75, Art. III, of the 1990 Code of Public Local Laws)]

§ 110-12 Establishment.

If at least 2/3 of property owners in a proposed road construction district present a written petition to the Cecil County Council requesting the creation of a road construction district for road construction or repair projects, the Cecil County Council may, by ordinance, establish a road construction district.

§ 110-13 Procedure for establishment.

On receipt of a written petition under § 110-12 of this article, the Cecil County Council shall conduct a public hearing to consider the petition.
Notice of the time and location of the public hearing shall be provided by:
First-class mail to each owner of property within the proposed road construction district, at the address listed on the assessment records; and
Notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the County for two consecutive weeks.
At a public hearing conducted under this section, the Cecil County Council shall determine:
The scope of the project and advise the property owners of the approximate cost and estimated individual levies for the project;
The feasibility of including the road in the County road system and assuming the road construction or repair project;
Whether the road is able to be included in the County road system under § 110-17 of this article upon completion of the project; and
Whether to proceed with plans and specifications for the project and to set a date for a final hearing that may only be changed pursuant to notice provided under this section.

§ 110-14 Determination by Council.

At a final hearing conducted under this section, the Cecil County Council may:
Establish the district and designate the area within the road construction district;
Establish the project scope and cost estimate;
Establish the estimated individual levies based on the benefits accruing to each of the lots or parcels of land in the road construction district to the extent it is benefitted by the road construction;
Determine if interest is to be charged and the rate of the interest;[1]
Editor's Note: Original § 75-12C(5), regarding advertising for public bids and contracting with the lowest responsible bidder, which immediately followed this section, was repealed 11-13-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-12.
Determine the time period for property owners to reimburse the County for its costs.

§ 110-15 Contracts with owners.

Cecil County may contract with owners for the purchase of land required for use in connection with a road construction district.

§ 110-16 Completion of project.

Upon completion of the project, the Cecil County Council may:
Fix and levy a benefit charge on all real property within the road construction district that is sufficient to meet the costs of the project, including interest paid and administrative, notice, and advertisement costs; and
Establish the benefit charge levied under Subsection A of this section to be a lien on the real property that is assessed and to be paid annually in the same manner as County taxes by all property owners in the road construction district for the period of time established by the Cecil County Council.

§ 110-17 Inclusion in County road system.

If a road construction project is completed according to County specifications, the road shall be included as part of the County road system.

§ 110-18 Minimum right-of-way width.

The minimum right-of-way that may be purchased under this article is 30 feet.