City of Latrobe, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The City of Latrobe shall continue to own, possess, and control all rights and property, of every kind and nature, owned, possessed or controlled by it when this Charter takes effect, and shall be subject to all its debts, obligations, liabilities, and duties.
The councilmembers in office at the time this Charter becomes effective shall remain in office for the full terms for which they were originally elected. However, they shall have the responsibilities, duties, and compensation, and authority only as set forth in pursuance of this Charter. All other elected officials of the City of Latrobe in office at the time this Charter becomes effective shall remain in office for the full term for which they were elected and they shall continue to perform the duties and receive the same compensation which they received prior to the adoption of this Charter. However, should any of such other offices become vacant for any reason, the vacancies shall not be filled, but the duties of the offices, shall, instead, pass to the persons designated in this Charter.
All ordinances, resolutions, rules, and regulations, or portions thereof, in force when this Charter takes effect and not in conflict therewith, are hereby continued in force and effect until amended, repealed, superseded, or expired by their own terms. All ordinances and resolutions in continued effect as of the effective date of this Charter shall be construed as if enacted under this Charter, but as of the date of their original enactment.
Any officer or employee who has a substantial financial interest, direct or indirect or by reason of ownership of stock in any corporation, in any contract with the City of Latrobe or in the sale of any land, material, supplies or services to the City of Latrobe or to a contractor supplying the City of Latrobe shall make known that interest and shall refrain from voting upon or otherwise participating in their capacity as a officer or employee in the making of such sale or in the making or performance of such contract. Any officer or employee who willfully conceals such a substantial financial interest or willfully violates the requirements of this section shall be guilty of malfeasance in office or position and shall be subject to discipline including forfeit of office or position. Violation of this section with the knowledge express or implied of the person or corporation contracting with or making a sale to the City of Latrobe shall render the contract or sale voidable by the Council.
Activities Prohibited.
No person shall be appointed to or removed from, or in any way favored or discriminated against with respect to any position or appointive administrative office because of race, sex, religious opinions or affiliations.
No person shall willfully make any false statements, certificate, mark, rating or report in regard to any test, certification or appointment under the personnel provisions of this Charter or the rules and regulations made thereunder, or in any manner commit or attempt to commit any fraud preventing the impartial execution of such provisions, rules, and regulations.
No person who seeks appointment or promotion with respect to any position or appointive administrative office shall directly or indirectly give, render or pay any money, service or other valuable thing to any person for or in connection with his test, appointment, proposed appointment, promotion or proposed promotion.
No person shall orally, by letter or otherwise solicit or assist in soliciting any assessment, subscription or contribution for any political party or political purpose whatever from any person holding any compensated appointive position.
Penalties. Any person who by himself or with others willfully violates any of the provisions of paragraphs (1) through (4) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or both.
This Charter may be amended provided the procedure for approving any amendment is in accordance with provisions of appropriate acts of the General Assembly. All amendments or modifications of this Charter shall be presented to the electorate for approval.
It is the intention of the electors of the City of Latrobe that if this Charter cannot take effect in its entirety because of the judgment of any court of competent jurisdiction holding invalid any part or parts hereof, the remaining provisions of the Charter shall be given full force and effect as completely as if the part or parts held invalid had not been included herein.
This Charter shall become effective and shall be deemed operative on the first Monday of January of the year 1998.[1]
Editor's Note: Said effective date is 1-5-1998.