Town of Falmouth, MA
Barnstable County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended ATE 5-21-2013]
Except as otherwise specifically provided, the Board of Selectmen shall be the appointing authority for all governmental bodies. Prior to making appointments to governmental bodies, the board shall publicize all vacancies to be filled together with information on the filing of applications by prospective members, and the deadline for receiving applications. The board shall also require all chairs of governmental bodies to file with the Town Clerk a description of the duties and responsibilities of the governmental body and the members thereof. The board shall further consult with the governmental body to which appointments are to be made to obtain the names of prospective candidates for appointment. The board shall interview all applicants and make appointments in a timely manner, but no appointments shall be made until the last day for filing applications has passed.
In cases where the Moderator is the appointing authority to a governmental body, the Moderator shall follow a procedure similar to the procedure set forth in paragraph A above: provided, however, the Moderator may delegate the function to a duly appointed nominating committee, which shall follow a similar procedure.
Governmental bodies established in this article shall possess and exercise all powers given to them under the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth and shall possess and exercise such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by this charter, by-law or vote of Town Meeting.
[Amended ATE 5-21-2013]
All governmental bodies of the town shall organize annually; elect necessary officers; adopt rules of procedure and voting, including the development of agendas; maintain minutes of meetings and records of attendance, copies of which shall be public record and shall be regularly filed with the Town Clerk. It is the responsibility of each chairperson to file a current description of the duties and responsibilities of the governmental body and its members with the Town Clerk. Governmental bodies may nominate prospective employee(s) of their choice, who shall then be considered for appointment by the Town Manager. All such employees shall be under the day-to-day supervision of the Town Manager.
[Amended ATM 4-5-2006, Art. 46; ATE 5-21-2013]
All governmental bodies shall submit a written report to or meet with the Board of Selectmen at least once in each year.
[Amended ATE 5-21-2013]
All such boards shall conduct their meetings in accordance with the Open Meeting Law.
During the term for which a member is appointed to a multimember body and for one (1) year following expiration of such term, no member of any appointed board shall be eligible to accept any paid position under any such board.
Any person duly appointed to any such board shall take up the duties of office immediately.
The unexcused absence, without good cause, of a member from one-half (1/2) of the total number of meetings during any twelve-month period or from four (4) or more consecutive meetings of any such board shall serve to vacate the office. When such a vacancy has been created, it shall be filled within thirty (30) days or in accordance with General Law.
No member of a governmental body shall serve more than three (3) consecutive three year terms, except that members of governmental bodies who serve five (5) year terms shall serve for no more than two (2) consecutive five year terms: provided, however, that the appointment of a member to fill an unexpired term of another member shall not be counted in determining this term limitation.
[Amended ATE 5-18-2010, Question 4; ATE 5-21-2013]
The Representative Town Meeting may, by bylaw, enlarge or decrease the number of persons to serve as members of appointed town multimember bodies; provided, however, that all such bodies shall always consist of an odd number of members.
Except as otherwise provided, the boards established in this article shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for overlapping three-year terms.
A Board of Assessors of three (3) members shall be appointed.
A Conservation Commission of seven (7) members shall be appointed.
A Board of Health of five (5) members shall be appointed.
[Amended ATM 4-7-2008, Art. 47, approved 5-20-2008]
A Council on Aging of nine (9) or more members shall be appointed.
Editor’s Note: Former § C7-9, Historical Commission, as amended, was repealed AFTM 11-12-2015, Art. 18, approved 2-29-2016.
A Recreation Committee of seven (7) members shall be appointed.
The Committee shall be responsible for recommending policies to the Board of Selectmen regarding comprehensive year-round, indoor-outdoor recreation policies and programs. Such policies and programs shall be designed to meet the recreational needs of children, youth, adults and the elderly.
A Waterways Committee of seven (7) members shall be appointed. Six (6) members shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen, one (1) member shall be appointed by the Board of Health. The Harbormaster shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member.
A Beach Committee of five (5) members shall be appointed.
The Committee shall be responsible for recommending policies to the Board of Selectmen regarding the use and maintenance of all public town beaches.
A Human Services Committee of nine (9) members shall be appointed.
The Committee shall be responsible for recommending policies to the Board of Selectmen relating to human services provided by the town.
[Amended AFTM 11-13-2008, Art. 8, approved 2-11-2008]
A Zoning Board of Appeals of five (5) members and two (2) associate members shall be appointed.
[Amended AFTM 11-12-2015, Art.18, approved 2-29-2016]
A Historical Commission shall be appointed as provided by the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40C, and applicable Town bylaw.