Collier Township Municipal Authority, PA
Allegheny County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Collier Township Municipal Authority as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Rates and charges — See Ch. 45.
Transfer of property — See Ch. 70.
Meter regulations — See Ch. 145.
Application form — See Ch. A300.
[Adopted 11-13-2008 by Res. No. 11-13-08-01]
The Collier Township Municipal Authority ("Authority") will, under certain limited circumstances, allow the installation of credit meters designed to determine the amount of water that has bypassed the sanitary sewer system and allow for a credit for properly bypassed water.
The Authority has a sewage processing agreement with ALCOSAN, and ALCOSAN requires that any credit meter or auxiliary meter service be approved by ALCOSAN. ALCOSAN has a clearly established application procedure and installation format procedure, for credit meters, a copy of which is attached hereto.[1] ALCOSAN has been reading the credit meters and has currently established an annual fee for the reading of the meter, and ALCOSAN has requested that the Authority assume the responsibility for the reading of the meters and providing the credit information to ALCOSAN for credit.
Editor's Note: A copy of ALCOSAN's procedure is available in the Authority offices.
The Authority is agreeable to reading the auxiliary meters (credit meters) and providing the information to ALCOSAN on an annual basis. ALCOSAN requires that there be an annual submission of credit meter readings to ALCOSAN, by November 15 of each calendar year. ALCOSAN has agreed to discontinue its annual fee for the processing of each meter account should the Authority assume this responsibility.
The Authority believes that it is in the best interests of the Authority to assume the responsibility for the annual credit meter reading and submission of the same and, to that extent, establishes the following procedure.
All applications for the installation of a credit meter or auxiliary meter service must be first submitted to the Authority, and it will be forwarded to ALCOSAN for approval and the initial reading and inspection. Copies of each application must include the required attachments at the time they are submitted to the Authority.
The customer is responsible for the payment of any and all charges established by ALCOSAN for the processing of the application for auxiliary meter service and/or the inspection of the installation of the auxiliary meter.
The property owner shall be responsible, on an annual basis, for reading of the auxiliary meter and submitting to the Authority, in writing, on a form provided by the Authority, the actual credit meter reading.
Each property owner must, on or before October 31 of each year, submit in writing to the Authority, and on the form provided by the Authority, the credit meter reading in order to be eligible for consideration of a credit for the current calendar year.
The failure of the property owner to submit, in writing on the Authority form, the meter readings on or before the above-listed date (October 31) shall be treated as full and complete waiver of any credit due or owing the property owner for that current year and any prior years. This self-reading procedure places the entire responsibility for the timely submission of the written credit application on the property owner, and any failure of the property owner to timely deliver the credit request form shall constitute a complete waiver of any refund that the property owner may be able to claim.
The Authority reserves the right to inspect and read the credit meter as often as the Authority believes that a physical reading of the meter is necessary.
The property owner agrees that, by the installation of the credit meter and the request for credit, the Authority, its agents, servants and employees, or designated representatives have the unconditional and absolute right to enter onto and go upon the property of the customer for the purposes of reading the credit meter, which must be accessible from the outside of the property.
The Authority establishes an annual charge as set forth in Chapter 45, Rates and Charges, as a service fee for the record keeping and processing of credit forms and credit applications for each credit meter installed within the service area of the Authority.
The annual fee shall be deducted from any credit amount established by the credit meter reading. Should the credit meter reading not be in excess of the annual charge, the property owner shall be responsible for the balance, which shall be invoiced on an annual basis.
A property owner may, at any time, discontinue the credit meter by notifying the Authority, in writing, that the credit meter application is being discontinued.
Should the property owner discontinue the utilization of the credit meter, any request for reinstating a credit meter for the property address where the credit meter has been withdrawn must be returned to the Authority by the close of business on March 31 and shall be subject to approval by the Authority and shall be subject to a charge as set forth in Chapter 45, Rates and Charges, for an actual reading of the meter and administrative costs. No credit meter will be reactivated if the Authority determines that the owner or prior owner inaccurately submitted credit readings to the Authority unless and until the applicant refunds the full amount of any improper credit refunded to the owner or prior owner.
The sale or transfer of the property, after the discontinuance of the credit meter, shall not guarantee the new purchaser the opportunity of having installed, or putting in place, a residential, commercial, or industrial sewage meter.
The Authority will physically read the credit meter prior to the issuance of any no-lien letter for the sale or transfer of the property in question. The property owner shall be responsible for any excess credit made to the property owner and which was based on the property owner's self reading of the meter.