Borough of Clifton Heights, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Council of the Borough of Clifton Heights shall appoint a Health Officer and such deputies and assistants as are necessary to enforce the administration of the health laws and ordinances in the Borough of Clifton Heights.
The Health Officer shall have the same powers and duties and exercise the same authority as is prescribed for boards of health under the provisions of the Borough Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and related statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as provided at 53 P.S. § 48101.
The Health Officer shall report to the State Department of Health, at such intervals as shall be specified by the state law or regulation, the cases of communicable disease reported to the Board of Health, on the form provided for that purpose by such Department, and shall also make any annual report to such Department and shall make such other reports and perform such other duties as Borough Council may require and at all times be ready and available for the prompt performance of official duties.
The Health Officer shall perform such duties as are vested in local health officers by state laws and regulations.
The Health Officer shall make sanitary inspections and shall execute the orders of Borough Council and shall, in the performance of such duties, have the power and authority of a policeman.
The Board of Health shall have the power, and it shall be its duty, to enforce the laws of the commonwealth, the regulations of the State Department of Health, and all ordinances of the Borough enacted to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious or contagious diseases; to abate and remove all nuisances which the Officer shall deem prejudicial to the public health; to mark infected houses or places; and to recommend all such other rules and regulations as shall be deemed necessary for the preservation of the public health. Such rules and regulations shall not become effective until they have been approved by Borough Council and enacted as resolutions of the Borough.
The Health Officer, together with his/her assistant(s), subordinates, and workmen, by order of the Health Officer, shall have the power to enter at any time upon any premises in the Borough where there is suspected to be any infectious or contagious disease or nuisance detrimental to the public health for the purpose of examining and abating the same.
The Board of Health may inspect house drains, waste and soil pipes, water closets, and any conditions or places whatsoever in the Borough which may constitute a nuisance or a menace to public health; and whenever any condition or place in the Borough is found by the Health Officer to be a nuisance or a menace to the health of the people, he/she shall issue a written order of abatement, directed to the owner, or agent of the owner, of the premises, stating that the conditions specified therein constitute a nuisance or a menace to health and ordering an abatement thereof within such time as may be specified by the Health Officer in such order.
In case such order of abatement is not obeyed within the time specified therein, the Health Officer shall remove or abate the same, which order shall be executed by him/her and his/her subordinates and workmen, and the expense thereof, with a penalty of 10% thereof added thereto, shall be recoverable from the owner of the premises upon or from which the nuisance or menace to health is abated or removed, in the same manner as debts of like character are now collected by law, or the Health Officer may proceed to enforce such other remedy, or inflect such penalty, as may be provided by ordinance of the Borough.