Town of Foxborough, MA
Norfolk County
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No contracts for the purchase of equipment, supplies, or materials, the actual or estimated cost of which amounts to $10,000 or more, except in cases of special emergency involving the health or safety of the people or their property, shall be awarded unless proposals for the same have been invited by advertisements in a local newspaper at least one week before the time specified for the opening of said proposals. Such advertisement shall state the time and the place for opening the proposals in answer to said advertisement, and shall reserve to the Town the right to reject any or all such proposals. No proposal shall be received after the time advertised for the opening. All such proposals shall be opened in public. Whenever practicable, invitations to bid shall be delivered or mailed to at least three concerns known to deal in the subject matter. No bill or contract shall be split or divided for the purpose of evading any provisions of this section.
Every contract exceeding $4,000 shall be accompanied by a suitable bond for the faithful performance of same, or by the deposit of money or security to the amount of such bond if so requested by the officer, board, or committee authorized to make the contract.
A copy of each contract for a sum greater than $5,000 shall be filed with the Town Clerk immediately after its execution and shall then be available for public inspection.
The foregoing requirements of this Article II notwithstanding, to the extent that General Laws Chapter 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act, contains provisions different from the foregoing, the provisions of General Laws Chapter 30B, as the same may be amended from time to time, shall apply in lieu of the foregoing provisions of this Article II.