Town of Foxborough, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Foxborough as revised through 12-5-2011. Amendments noted where applicable.[1]]
Building demolition — See Ch. 88.
Earth removal — See Ch. 115.
Hazardous materials — See Ch. 140.
Historic districts — See Ch. 145.
Junk dealers — See Ch. 151.
Scenic roads — See Ch. 202.
Stadium regulations — See Ch. 229.
Streets and ways — See Ch. 235.
Town property — See Ch. 247.
Wetlands protection — See Ch. 267.
Attachment 1 - Economic Development Area Overlay District Map Attachment 2 - Chestnut-Payson Overlay District (CPOD) Map Attachment 3 - Foxborough Center Overlay District (FCOD) Plan Attachment 4 - Zoning Map Attachment 5 - Water Resource Protection District
Editor's Note: The recodification of the Zoning Bylaw was adopted 5-14-2014 ATM by Art. 29. By adoption of this bylaw, the Town voted to accept the renumbering and revision of the Zoning Bylaw of the Town from its original numbering, as amended through May 13, 2013, to the numbering or codification, arrangement, sequence and captions and the comprehensive revisions to the text of the Zoning Bylaw as set forth in the Final Draft of the Code of the Town of Foxborough, dated February 2014. Said codification of the Zoning Bylaw was done under the direction of the Planning Board and was a compilation and comprehensive revision of the prior Zoning Bylaw, including amendments thereto. All Zoning Bylaws, as amended, heretofore in force shall be repealed, except that such repeal shall not affect any suit or proceeding pending as the result of an existing law. Art. 29 codified the Zoning Bylaw as Chapter 275 of the Code of the Town of Foxborough, Massachusetts.
SECTION 1.0 Purpose and Authority

1.1 Purpose.

1.2 Authority.

1.3 Scope.

1.4 Applicability.

1.5 Requirements not addressed in these bylaws.

1.6 Zoning amendments.

1.7 Effective date.

1.8 Severability.

SECTION 2.0 Districts

2.1 Establishment.

2.2 Overlay districts.

2.3 Zoning Map.

2.4 Interpretation of Zoning Map.

SECTION 3.0 Use Regulations

3.1 Principal uses.

3.2 Accessory uses.

3.3 Temporary uses.

SECTION 4.0 Dimensional Requirements

4.1 General requirements.

4.2 Special dimensional requirements.

4.3 Access requirements.

4.4 Building height.

4.5 Exemptions.

SECTION 5.0 Nonconforming Uses and Structures

5.1 Applicability.

5.2 Nonconforming uses.

5.3 Nonconforming structures that are not single- and two-family residential structures.

5.4 Nonconforming single- and two-family residential structures.

5.5 Abandonment or non-use.

5.6 Reconstruction after catastrophe or demolition.

5.7 Reversion to nonconformity.

SECTION 6.0 General Regulations

6.1 Off-street parking and loading requirements.

6.2 Off-street loading.

6.3 Signs.

6.4 Screening, buffers and landscaping.

6.5 Performance standards.

SECTION 7.0 Special Regulations

7.1 Municipal conversions.

7.2 Wireless communications facilities.

7.3 Adult entertainment and uses.

7.4 Solar energy regulations.

7.5 Registered medical marijuana dispensaries.

SECTION 8.0 Special Residential Regulations

8.1 Accessory apartments.

8.2 Residential compounds.

8.3 Open space residential development.

8.4 Planned development housing.

8.5 Innovative residential development.

SECTION 9.0 Special District Regulations

9.1 Special Use District (S-1).

9.2 Design Review Overlay District (DRD).

9.3 Floodplain Overlay District (FPOD).

9.4 Water Resource Protection Overlay District (WRPOD).

9.5 Economic Development Area Overlay District (EDAOD).

9.6 Chestnut-Payson Overlay District (CPOD).

9.7 Foxborough Center Overlay District (FCOD).

SECTION 10.0 Administration and Procedures

10.1 Zoning enforcement.

10.2 Board of Appeals.

10.3 Planning Board.

10.4 Special permits.

10.5 Site plan review.

10.6 Environmental impact statement.

10.7 Repetitive petitions.

SECTION 11.0 Definitions

11.1 Terms defined.