Town of Foxborough, MA
Norfolk County
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For the purpose of these bylaws, the Town of Foxborough is hereby divided into the following types of use districts:
Residential Districts
Residential District
Residential and Agricultural District
Business Districts
General Business District
Neighborhood Business District
Highway Business District
Industrial Districts
Limited Industrial District
General Industrial District
Other Districts
Special Use District
The following overlay districts are established in Section 9.0:
Design Review Overlay District
Floodplain Overlay District
Water Resource Protection Overlay District
Economic Development Area Overlay District
Chestnut-Payson Overlay District
Foxborough Center Overlay District
The Town of Foxborough is divided into zoning districts, as provided herein and as shown on the Zoning Map entitled "Zoning Map, Foxborough, Mass.," dated November 26, 1990, as amended from time to time, which, together with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby declared to be part of these bylaws. Said Zoning Map shall be the official record of zoning status of areas within the Town.
Supplemental maps. The supplemental maps indicated below are hereby adopted and, with others that may hereafter be officially adopted for special purposes indicated, shall have the same force and effect as the Zoning Map and are included as a part of the Zoning Map:
Flood Insurance Rate Map.
Water Resource Protection District Map.
Economic Development Area Overlay District, Foxborough, MA.
Chestnut-Payson Overlay District (CPOD) Plan in Foxborough, MA.
Foxborough Center Overlay District (FCOD) Plan.
[Added 11-17-2014 STM by Art. 6]
The locations and boundaries of districts shall be as shown on the Zoning Map and supplemental maps as amended and as are on file with the Town Clerk.
Right-of-way. Where boundaries are indicated in the right-of-way of streets or watercourses, such boundaries shall be the center line of the right-of-way.
Property lines. Where boundaries approximately follow property lines and are not more than 25 feet therefrom, the property line shall be the district boundary.
Parallel to street or road. Where boundaries are parallel to a street or road and are fixed by dimensions on the Zoning Map, the distances shall be measured from the right-of-way line where a plan is on file with the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds or, in the absence of such plan, from a line parallel to and 25 feet from the center line of the traveled way.
Scale. Where distances are not specified on the Zoning Map nor otherwise determined from the above provisions, the scale of the Zoning Map shall be used to determine the location of the district boundary.
Undefined boundaries. The determination of boundaries in question not defined herein or on the Zoning Map shall lie with the Board of Appeals.
Split lots. Where a lot is transected by a zoning district boundary, the regulations of these bylaws applicable to the larger part of the area of such lot may also, at the option of the lot owner, be deemed to govern in the smaller part beyond such zoning district boundary but not to exceed 30 linear feet beyond such zoning district boundary, if the smaller part has frontage on an accepted way.