Township of Elizabeth, PA
Allegheny County
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[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 1]
LICENSE — written approval, in whatever form, as issued by the proper township officer.
a transportable single family dwelling, house trailer, trailer coach or other vehicle or structure with potential mobility which may travel upon or be towed over the public highways on its own running gear or carried upon a trailer or other highway vehicle, and constructed for dwelling purposes, sleeping quarters, or used as a selling or advertising device; this definition shall apply whether or not such vehicle or structure remains on its own running gear, or is rendered immobile and annexed or affixed to real estate, and whether occupied or vacant, excepting only devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.
a parcel or tract of land which has been planned and developed with all the necessary facilities and services in accordance with a site development plan meeting all the requirements of this Part and which is intended for the express purpose of providing a satisfying living environment for mobile home residents on a long term occupancy basis.
an individual, firm, trust, partnership, corporation, or other entity.
the Township of Elizabeth.
a section or plot of ground within a mobile home park designated as the location for one mobile home.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 2]
It shall be unlawful within the limits of the Township for any person to park or place any mobile home on any street, alley, highway, or on any tract of land owned by any person, whether occupied or vacant, except in a duly licensed mobile home park.
It shall be unlawful for any property owner, tenant, lessee, or administrator of any real estate in this Township to authorize, permit, rent, lease, or sell any mobile home to be parked or placed on land under their control unless it is a mobile home park duly licensed by the Township and maintained in accordance with the provisions of this Part.
Emergency or temporary stopping or parking is permitted for the transient movement of mobile homes in accordance with ordinary traffic regulations for not longer than four hours, subject to any further prohibitions, regulations or limitations imposed by local police for ordinary and necessary traffic control.
Parking of only one unoccupied camper or sportsman-type trailer in an accessory private garage, or in a rear yard in any district where not otherwise prohibited, is permitted, provided that no living or sleeping quarters are maintained, or any business practiced in said camper or sportsman trailer.
The temporary housing of personnel engaged in emergency repair work in mobile homes is permitted outside of mobile home parks, subject to the consent and approval of the Secretary of the Township.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 3; as amended by Ord. 561, 6/1/1987]
It shall be unlawful for any person to establish, maintain, construct, alter, or extend any mobile home park within the limits of the Township without having first secured a license for that purpose from the Township Secretary. Such license shall expire one year from the date of issuance, but may be renewed from year to year.
The application for such license or renewal shall be filed with the Township Secretary and shall be accompanied by a license fee as established by resolution of the Board of Commissioners, and a license bond with approved surety, or cash bond, in an amount established by resolution and to be approved by the Solicitor conditioned upon compliance with the terms of this Part. This annual license fee shall cover original inspection, and periodic inspection, inspection upon complaint, and individual inspection of utility, water and sewer connections including risers, as units become occupied, and thereafter following vacancy and reoccupancy.
The application for license or renewal shall be in writing and shall include the name and address of the fee owner of the land involved, and if not made by the owner, a reference to the lease or other instrument indicating his legal right to make such application.
The application for an original license to establish and maintain a mobile home park or to alter or extend an existing mobile home park shall be accompanied by four (4) copies of the proposed plan drawn to scale by a registered engineer or surveyor showing the extent of the area to be used for this purpose, the proposed or existing roads and driveways, the dimensions of the allotted space for each unit, the proposed sanitary provisions, recreation area, parking area, laundry facilities, washroom provisions, methods for garbage, rubbish and sewage disposal, water supply, and utilities and all permanent structures.
No mobile home park shall hereafter be established, or the use of an existing park altered or extended within the limits of this Township unless application shall be specifically made to the Board of Commissioners and the issuance of a permit authorized by Resolution duly passed for such establishment, alteration or extension after favorable recommendation by the Planning Commission of the Township and after inspection of the site by the Building Inspector indicating a compliance with this Part, the Township Zoning Ordinance and all other applicable ordinances of this Township, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the County of Allegheny.
No license issued hereunder shall convey a right to construct buildings or other facilities, or otherwise proceed except upon regular application under Building Code and administrative procedures in effect at the time.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 4]
A mobile home park shall have an area of not less than twenty (20) acres.
Each unit or mobile home lot shall be at least 5,000 square feet in area, shall be not less than 40 feet wide and also shall not be less than 100 feet in depth, and shall front on an access driveway.
No mobile home, office, or service building shall be closer to a public street right-of-way than 80 feet nor closer to a property line than 50 feet.
Separate off-street parking facilities of at least 300 square feet in area must be provided to accommodate at least one vehicle for each unit.
The entrance road connecting the park streets and the internal streets within the park shall be constructed in accordance with Township road and street requirements, each street shall be named and each mobile home thereon numbered.
All mobile home parks and the construction thereof shall comply with Township storm sewer requirements.
All mobile home parks shall be furnished with lighting units so spaced and luminaries placed at such mounting heights as will provide average levels of illumination for the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles at night. All electric and telephone service shall be underground.
No sheds or temporary shelters shall be permitted nor shall any addition be made to a mobile home except a canopy and/or porch open on three sides or an addition made by the mobile home manufacturer. One utility building constructed of aluminum, sheet metal, or other suitable material, and used for the storage of lawn tools and lawn furniture may be permitted for each unit provided it does not exceed 8' x 12' in size and does not violate spacing requirements.
Each mobile home unit shall be serviced by sanitary sewers, if available, and otherwise by a sewage disposal system approved by the Allegheny County Health Department.
Each mobile home unit shall be serviced by a public water supply from the same source furnished substantially to all other residents of the Township in the same area.
The mobile home park shall be screened from adjoining streets and properties by a strip of land at least 25 feet in width maintained as a landscaped area, and by the planting of suitable trees and shrubs.
Separate recreation or open playground space within the park shall be provided at a ratio of 500 square feet for each of the first 20 units, and at a ratio of 250 square feet for all additional unit spaces provided.
The mobile home park shall be provided with a permanent fence of steel chain link type or equivalent, not less than five feet in height, completely around any part exposed to a railroad or other dangerous hazard. Mobile homes shall have a minimum front set back of 20 feet. An enclosure of compatible design and material shall be erected around the entire base of each mobile home. Such enclosure shall provide sufficient ventilation to inhibit decay and deterioration of the structure.
Mobile homes shall be separated from each other and from other buildings and structures by at least 15 feet.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 5]
In every mobile home park, there shall be an office building, and the person to whom a license is issued shall provide adequate supervision, it shall be the duty of the owner and/or manager, jointly and severally to:
Post the Township License and a copy of this Part in a conspicuous place within the park office.
Maintain a Register containing the names of all the park occupants, the dates of entrance and departure, the license numbers of all licensed mobile homes and the automobiles of the occupants including the state where issued, the place of last location, and length of stay; such Register shall be available to all authorized personnel of the Township and all law enforcement officers.
Maintain the park in a clean, orderly, and sanitary manner, supervise the installation of each mobile home and the connections for waste disposal, water, and electricity, and prevent the accumulation of rubbish, trash, disabled motor vehicles and other offensive matter.
Report promptly to the proper authorities any breach of the peace called to his attention and any violations of this Part.
Report promptly to the Township and all proper authorities all cases of persons or animals suspected of being affected with communicable disease.
Prevent the running loose of all dogs, animals, and prevent the keeping of livestock, poultry, pigeons, or the raising of pets or animals.
Control the lighting of open fires in accordance with applicable Township ordinances.
Refuse to receive and reject mobile homes which do not meet the minimum standards adopted by commonly recognized associations of manufacturers of mobile homes and the Pennsylvania Mobile Home Association.
Refuse to receive and reject mobile homes which do not contain adequate facilities for washing, bathing, laundry, and the elimination of waste, and all other ordinary and necessary sanitary facilities of a dwelling.
Provide fire protection and utility service to each occupied unit in accordance with the Township Building Code and all other ordinances or laws of the Township, County of Allegheny, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, regulating sanitation, fire protection and utility service to dwellings.
Provide garbage collection facilities at a point on a public right-of-way, contained or sheltered in such a manner as to prevent annoyance to other property owners in the vicinity of the point of pickup.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 6]
The Township Secretary shall revoke or suspend any license issued pursuant to this Part, upon information received in writing from the Ordinance Officer, any police officer or the Chief of Police to the effect that the provisions of this Part are being violated, and the nature of the particular violation or violations involved. The suspension shall be effected by a letter mailed to the licensee, or delivered to any person in charge of the park office, setting forth the reason for such suspension or revocation.
Any person whose license is so revoked or suspended may, within 10 days after receipt of said notice, file a written request for a hearing before the Board of Commissioners, whereupon the Board shall, after notice, conduct a public hearing not more than 30 days after receipt of such written request.
At such hearing, or within 20 days thereafter, the Board shall make a determination affirming or reversing the Order of Suspension, and a Summary of its findings shall be spread into the minutes of that meeting or the next regular or special meeting following such determination.
Provided, however, that upon sufficient proof that all violations are corrected or cured, and that such violations did not involve moral turpitude or an indictible criminal offense, the suspension or revocation may be lifted by the Secretary, the subject license restored, and proceedings terminated. A written withdrawal of the original charges or information shall be sufficient proof to the Secretary, that the affected license may be reinstated.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 7]
The Building Inspector or his duly authorized assistant, the Ordinance Officer or other person designated by the Board of Commissioners shall make a complete and thorough inspection at least monthly of all mobile home parks within the Township, and shall make reports to the Board from time to time as requested. Additional inspections shall be made as mobile homes are installed and following vacancy and re-occupancy.
[Ord. 366, 7/6/1970, § 8; as amended by Ord. 561, 6/1/1987; and by Ord. 577, 8/1/1988, § 2Q]
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Part 1 shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000.00; and/or to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 90 days. Every day that a violation of this Part 1 continues shall constitute a separate offense.