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Township of Elizabeth, PA
Allegheny County
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116, 8/5/1946
Contract with Allegheny County Sanitary Authority to comply with Sanitary Water Board
199, —/—/1958
Providing for sewage treatment services
204, 7/28/1958
Leasing sewer system from Sanitary Authority
205, 9/2/1958
Providing for sewage treatment services
207, 9/2/1958
Establishing sewer system fund
214, 6/1/1959
Sewage transportation service by Versailles
215, 6/1/1959
Sewage treatment service for Boston-Greenock area
219, 10/19/1959
Billing and collection services of sewage service
223, 2/1/1960
Authority to acquire Capital Addition No. 1
227, 3/20/1960
Constructing certain sewers
228, 3/30/1960
Approving first supplemental agreement of lease with Sanitary Authority
236, 12/19/1960
Management agreement with the Sanitary Authority
266, 5/27/1963
Surrender agreement with Sanitary Authority and leasing new sewer system from Authority
277, 4/20/1964
Modification to Ord. 215
374, 11/4/1970
Sewage service to Douglass Run Watershed
375, 11/4/1970
Construction of certain sewers
397, 1/3/1972
Construction of certain sewers
404, 7/5/1972
Construction of certain sewers
406, 8/7/1972
Construction of certain sewers
407, 8/7/1972
Construction of certain sewers
409, 10/2/1972
Construction of certain sewers
424, 10/1/1973
Construction of certain sewers
565, 12/7/1987
Accepting into the Sanitary Sewer System a sanitary sewer line by McHolme Construction Co.
570, 4/4/1988
Accepting into the Sanitary Sewer System a sanitary sewer line by Howell Brothers.
691, 9/9/1996
Construction of certain sewers
697, 3/3/1997
Construction of certain sewers
702, 8/5/1997
Construction of certain sewers
759, 4/1/2002
Providing for the assessment of fees for sanitary sewer collection system construction.
780, 12/16/2002
Authorizing the sale of the Elizabeth Township sewage system to the Elizabeth Township Sanitary Authority.