City of Waltham, MA
Middlesex County
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Cross references — Annual inventory of City property to be submitted to Mayor and auditor, § 2-2; annual reports by boards and officers to Mayor, § 2-9; turn over and accounting for funds, § 2-88; books and records to correspond to fiscal year, § 2-89; health, Ch. 7.5.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-8]
There is hereby established a principal department to be known as the health department.
[Ord. No. 24968,[1] §§ 1-3, 6-22-1981]
Created; composition; powers and duties. There is hereby created in the City a board to be known as the board of health. Said board shall consist of five (5) members, one (1) of whom shall be a physician practicing in said City. Said board shall be vested with all the powers and duties hereto or hereafter given to or imposed upon boards of health.
Appointment of members; terms; chairman, The members of the present public welfare commission shall serve as the members of the Board of Health until the expiration of their present terms of office. Each year thereafter in the month of April there shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council, in place of those whose terms are to expire, an equal number to serve for three years from the first Monday in May next ensuing and until their successors are appointed and qualified. On the second Monday in each May the members of the Board shall organize and elect a member as Chairman.
Director of Public Health. The Board of Health shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Mayor, a Director of Public Health. Said Director shall serve as secretary and administrative officer of said Board, and shall have the powers and duties now or hereafter conferred or imposed by law upon the agent of a Board of Health. Said Board is hereby authorized to delegate to said Director from time to time any of its powers and duties, and said Director shall be subject to such instruction, rules and regulations as may be given or made by said Board. Said Director shall hire inspectors, who shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the said Board. Said Director and said inspectors shall be subject to Chapter 31 of the General Laws.
Cross reference — Meetings of Board of Health, etc., § 2-8.
Editor's Note: Ord. No. 24968, adopted June 22, 1981, which accepted the provisions of c. 194 of the Acts of 1981, has been codified as superseding former § 2-107 which pertained to the public welfare commission and was derived from Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2—5, 2-72—2-75; and Ord. No. 24500, adopted March 26, 1979.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-5, 2-9, 2-23]
There is hereby established the office of Inspector of Animals. The Inspector of Animals shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the council for a term of one year and until their successor in office is appointed and qualified. Such appointment shall be made by the Mayor in March of each year.
The Inspector of Animals shall perform the duties of Inspector of Animals intended for slaughter or kept for the production of milk, as required by law. He shall perform all services required to be performed by a veterinary surgeon for the City or any department thereof, when requested by any department and without any additional compensation.
He shall inspect all meat, fish, vegetables and other provisions as required by the Public Welfare Commission.
State law reference — Appointment of inspector of animals, MGLA c. 129, § 15.