Carroll County, VA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The developer of the manufactured home park shall submit to the administrator, along with the appropriate fee established in § 152-60, 11 copies of the manufactured home park preliminary plan, at a scale of 100 feet to the inch, which shall show thereon:
The proposed manufactured home park name and location;
The names and addresses of the owner of record, developer, the person who prepared the plat, and holders of any easements affecting the property;
The name of all owners of record immediately adjacent to property proposed as a manufactured home park;
The date of drawing, true North point, and scale;
A survey of the tract boundary showing bearings and distances;
Topographic data compiled by accepted field or photogram metric methods, with a contour interval no greater than five feet; location of watercourses, including floodplain limits where applicable; and the high-water line of natural and artificial lakes;
Significant natural landscape features, including rock outcrops and large trees;
The location, width and names of all existing or platted streets within or adjacent to the proposed manufactured home park and the location of existing buildings, easements, railroad rights-of-way, utility lines, and drainageways;
Preliminary plans for all utilities, including but not limited to the proposed method of accomplishing surface drainage, water supply, and sewage disposal, common or shared easements to franchised cable television operators, gas, telephone and electric service to the proposed manufactured home park and preliminary designs for any bridges and culverts that may be required;
The location and dimensions of proposed streets, lots, and easements, with lots and streets identified by number and proposed name, respectively;
The designation of all parcels of land proposed to be dedicated or reserved for public use and the conditions, if any, of such dedication.
The manufactured home park plan shall include a vicinity sketch map, at an approximate scale of 2,000 feet to the inch, showing the relationship of the proposed manufactured home park to its surroundings. This map shall comprehend an area extending at least 1/2 mile on each side of the proposed manufactured home park and shall identify roads, political boundaries, other manufactured home parks, subdivisions, and important landmarks and natural features.
The following information shall be furnished, either set forth on the face of the drawing or submitted as separate documents:
Where required by this chapter, at the time of filing the final plat, an erosion and sedimentation control plan approved by the Carroll County plan-approving authority shall also be filed in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Erosion and Sedimentation Control Handbook; and
Signed statements of the appropriated officials concerning the availability of water, sewer, gas, and electricity of the proposed manufactured home park; and
Private restrictions, if any, proposed for the manufactured home park.
The agent shall provide initial review of any preliminary plat. In such initial review, the agent shall give a first review to see if it appears that the preliminary plat meets the requirements of this chapter. If it appears that the requirements of this chapter have not been met, such plat shall be returned to the developer for modification, with reasons provided for any noncompliance. This initial review is not a determination of compliance of this chapter but is done only for convenience of the developer. If it appears that the plat meets the requirements of this chapter, the agent shall forward to the Highway Department, PSA, and Health Department of Carroll County copies of the preliminary plat. They shall approve, approve with changes, or disapprove the preliminary plat and return it to the agent. The administrator or agent shall not approve a final plat unless and until approval has been granted by the Highway Department, PSA, and Health Department of Carroll County.
Following return of the preliminary plat from the agencies referenced in Subsection A of this section, unless the manufactured home park is a small manufactured home park as defined, the administrator shall review the preliminary plat and communicate within 60 days, in writing, with the developer, informing him of action taken and stating specific changes, if any, that are required in the preliminary layout. If for any reason the manufactured home park is disapproved, the reasons for such disapproval shall be given. In cases where approval of the plat is conditional upon changes being made in the manufactured home park layout, one copy of the plat shall be returned to the developer with the desired changes marked thereon or with notes of such changes attached. The sixty-day time period may be extended by agreement of the administrator with the developer. Approval of a preliminary plat does not guarantee approval of a final plat for recordation.
Any proposed manufactured home park creating four or less new lots may be reviewed and approved by the agent, without referral to the administrator. All other provisions of this chapter shall apply to the content, review, and approval of such small manufactured home park plat. The agent may refer such small manufactured home plat to the administrator for approval, and appeal of any decision concerning such small manufactured home park plat shall be taken by the developer to the administrator. This small manufactured home park provision may not be used to expand or modify existing manufactured home parks, and plats of such expansion or modification shall be submitted and reviewed as otherwise provided herein.
After receiving notice of approval of the preliminary plat, the developer shall submit to the administrator four copies of plans and specifications for all improvements to be installed. The administrator or agent shall advise the developer concerning the character and extent of improvements and the estimated amount of the performance bond or other surety that will be required before final approval of the manufactured home park plat. The administrator or agent, after consultation with the Highway Department, PSA, Health Department and other public officials, shall advise the developer of approval or disapproval, in writing, within 60 days.
The developer shall, prior to filing with the administrator a final plat for approval, complete all improvements and installation of utilities required under these regulations, or, in lieu of completing said improvements, the developer shall furnish the County with a bond as required by Article X.
The developer shall, within 18 months after official notification of approval by the administrator or agent in respect to the preliminary plat, apply, in writing, to the administrator for approval of the final manufactured home park plat and submit 11 copies thereof prepared in accordance with this chapter. The developer may file for approval only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which he proposed to record and develop at that time.
Unless an application for final approval is made within 18 months after approval of the preliminary plat, said approval of the preliminary plat shall become null and void. The administrator or agent shall, within 60 days from the date of submittal of the final plat, approve, modify or disapprove such plat.
The certificate of approval of a final plat shall be as follows:
This manufactured home park, known as ____________________________ Manufactured Home Park, is approved by the undersigned in accordance with existing manufactured home park regulations and may be committed to record.
Highway Engineer
Health Officer
PSA Director
Agent of Governing Body
NOTE: The foregoing plat is not approved until all signatures have been obtained.
Unless the developer shall have said plat recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Carroll County within six months after final approval by the administrator and before any lots are rented, leased, or occupied in said manufactured home park, approval of the final plat shall become null and void; however, in any case where construction of facilities to be dedicated for public use has commenced pursuant to an approved plan or permit with surety approved by the administrator, or where the developer has furnished surety to the governing body or the administrator by certified check, cash escrow, bond, or letter of credit in the amount of the estimated cost of construction of such facilities, the time for plat recordation shall be extended to one year after final approval or to the time limit specified in the surety agreement approved by the administrator, whichever is greater.
The final manufactured home park plat shall be drawn on linen or other durable transparency of scale-true material with permanent drafting ink, at a minimum of 100 feet to the inch, except as herein provided. The plat shall be drawn on one or more sheets, the dimensions of which shall not exceed 24 inches by 18 inches. Where more than one sheet is necessary to show the entire plat, match lines shall be clearly indicated and cover sheet(s) must be included. When cover sheets are included, the cover sheets may be at a scale appropriate to the page size. The developer shall submit to the administrator the original and 10 prints for the final plat.
The final plat shall conform to the preliminary plat as approved and shall show the following:
The name and location of the manufactured home park.
The name and address of the record owner and developer.
The date of the drawing, North point, and scale.
The tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines and streets, easements and other rights-of-ways, setbacks, and manufactured home lot lines. Bearings shall be shown to the nearest 10 seconds and distances to the nearest 1/100 of a foot. Data for all curves shall be shown in detail at the curve or in a curve table containing the following: radius, delta, tangent, length, chord, and chord bearing.
The locations of monuments and property markers.
The names of record owners of all property adjacent to the manufactured home park.
The name and right-of-way width of each street or other right-of-way.
The location, dimensions, and purpose of all easements.
Abutting streets and roads, with names or numbers and right-of-way widths.
Designating numbers or symbols for all lots or blocks.
The setback line.
In the case of modification of an existing manufactured home park, existing manufactured home lots shall be shown by dotted lines and the modified (new) manufactured home lots by full lines.
The purpose for which sites other than residential lots are dedicated or reserved.
Private restrictions, if any, shall be recorded in the Circuit Court of Carroll County, and the deed book and page number shall be shown on the plat.
Temporary turnarounds when required by this chapter, and the following notation shall be made on the plat: "Any area on this plat designated as a temporary turnaround shall be constructed and used as other streets in the manufactured home park until such time as (insert here the name of the street) is extended to join another street and the cul-de-sac ceases to exist. Thereupon the land in the temporary turnaround area which extends beyond the normal right-of-way line of the street will be vacated for street purposes and revert to the adjoining manufactured home lot."
The location of any buildings and construction, including the site of any manufactured home stands to be constructed, and, in accordance with § 152-29 of this chapter, any private community water system, including wells, and any private sewage waste disposal systems, including the required reserve area for such system.
It is requested, but not required, that a digital copy of the final approved plat be made available to the Carroll County Assessor's office.
Any manufactured home park to be constructed on land upon which there is located any stream or wetlands shall include the following language on the plat:
"Any streams or wetlands crossing(s) shall be designed, installed, and maintained in a manner that complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Any proposed work within _______________ Creek or its tributaries and/or its adjacent wetlands is subject to written approval by the Corps of Engineers and/or DEQ prior to its initiation. The owner will obtain written approval by submitting a complete permit application prior to performing any work in the waterways and/or wetlands."