Village of Corinth, NY
Saratoga County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Prior to undertaking any new land use activity, except those specifically excepted in the § 413-5 of this chapter, a site plan approval by the Planning Board is required. Applicants for site plan approval should follow the recommended procedures related to the sketch plan conference as hereinafter set forth.
A sketch plan conference shall be held between the Planning Board and the applicant prior to the preparation and submission of a formal site plan. The intent of such a conference is to enable the applicant to inform the Planning Board of his/her proposal prior to the preparation of a detailed site plan and for the Planning Board to review the basic site design concept, advise the applicant as to potential problems and concerns and to generally determine the information to be required on the site plan.
In order to accomplish these objectives, the applicant shall provide the following:
A statement and rough sketch showing the locations and dimensions of principal and accessory structures, parking areas, access signs (with descriptions), existing and proposed vegetation and other planned features; anticipated changes in the existing topography and natural features; and, where applicable, measures and features to comply with flood hazard and flood insurance regulations;
An area map showing the parcel under consideration for site plan review and all properties, subdivisions, streets, rights-of-way, easements and other pertinent features within 200 feet of the boundaries of the parcel; and
A topographic or contour map of adequate scale and detail to show site topography.
An application for site plan approval shall be made in writing by submitting five copies to the Chairperson of the Planning Board and shall be accompanied by information contained on the following checklist. Where the sketch plan conference was held, the accompanying information shall be drawn from the following checklist as determined necessary by the Planning Board at said sketch plan conference.
Site plan checklist. A site plan checklist shall include the following:
Title of drawing, including name and address of applicant and person responsible for preparation of such drawing.
North arrow, scale and date.
Boundaries of the property, including all driveways, plotted to scale, preferably 1:40.
Existing buildings.
Grading and drainage plan, showing existing and proposed contours, rock outcrops, depth to bedrock, soil characteristics, watercourses and wetlands.
Location, design, type of construction, proposed use and exterior dimensions of all buildings and structures.
Location, design and type of construction of all driveways, parking areas and truck loading areas, showing access and egress, including all driveways.
Provision for pedestrian access, sidewalks and bike paths, if any.
Location of outdoor storage, if any.
Location, design and construction materials of all existing or proposed site improvements, including drains, culverts, retaining walls and fences.
Description of the method of sewage disposal and location, design and construction materials of such facilities.
Description of the method of securing public water and location, design and construction materials of such facilities.
Location of fire and other emergency zones, including the location of fire hydrants.
Location, design and construction materials of all energy distribution facilities, including electrical, gas and solar energy.
Location, size and design and type of construction of all proposed signs.
Location and proposed development of all buffer areas, including existing vegetative cover.
Location and design of outdoor lighting facilities.
Identification of the location and amount of building area proposed for retail sales or similar commercial activity.
General landscaping plan and planting schedule.
An estimated project construction schedule.
Record of application for and status of all necessary permits from other governmental bodies.
Identification of any permits from other governmental bodies required for the project's execution.
Other elements integral to the proposed development as may be considered necessary in the particular case by the Planning Board.
An application for site plan review shall be accompanied by a fee fixed from time to time by the Village Board.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
Actual and reasonable costs incurred by the Planning Board for consultation fees or other extraordinary expenses in connection with the review of a proposed site plan shall be charged to the applicant. The Planning Board may require a letter of credit, bond or cash deposit to secure payment of such costs.