Town of Babylon, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

§ TC-3-1 Application of provisions.

§ TC-3-2 Manner of parking.

§ TC-3-3 Parking for the handicapped.

§ TC-3-3.1 Blocking public sidewalks prohibited.

Article II Parking, Standing and Stopping Restrictions

§ TC-3-4 Designation of areas and restrictions.

Article III Metered Parking

§ TC-3-5 Designation of parking meter zones.

§ TC-3-6 Installation and operation of meters.

§ TC-3-7 Use restrictions and regulations.

§ TC-3-8 Fees; time limits.

Article IV Emergency Regulations

§ TC-3-9 Purpose: snow emergency ordinance.

§ TC-3-10 Definitions.

§ TC-3-11 Snow emergency regulations; when effective.

§ TC-3-12 Snow emergency provisions.

§ TC-3-13 Snow clearance.

§ TC-3-14 Disposal of snow.

Article V Parking on Private Property

§ TC-3-15 Identification numbers for vehicles and trailers.

Article VI Storage, Display and Sale of Vehicles

§ TC-3-16 Definitions.

§ TC-3-17 Prohibited acts.

§ TC-3-18 Presumptive evidence of intent to sell.

§ TC-3-19 Abandoning vehicles unlawful.

§ TC-3-19.1 Presumptive evidence.

§ TC-3-19.2 Removal, redemption and disposal of abandoned vehicles.

§ TC-3-20 Exemptions.

Article VII Fire Hydrants and Fire Zones

§ TC-3-21 Parking near fire hydrants or in fire zones.

Article VIII Beaches and Recreational Areas

§ TC-3-22 Parking, standing or stopping at night.

§ TC-3-23 Restricted areas.

§ TC-3-24 Failure to pay parking fee or permit fee.

Article IX Mobile Homes and Trailers

§ TC-3-25 Parking of mobile homes.

§ TC-3-26 Parking of trailers.

Article X Unregistered and Uninspected Vehicles

§ TC-3-27 Registration of vehicles.

§ TC-3-28 Inspection of vehicles.

§ TC-3-29 License plates.

§ TC-3-30 Vehicle identification numbers.