City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Duties and powers of Common Council — See Charter, Art. II.
Administrative Code — See Part II.
Administration of Building Code — See Code of Ordinances Section 6-17.
Grievance procedure for city officers and employees — See Code of Ordinances Section 7-13 et seq.
Housing Code Review Board — See Code of Ordinances Section 12-52 et seq.
Traffic Commission — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-19 et seq.
Traffic Violations Bureau — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-37 et seq.
Administration of zoning regulations — See Code of Ordinances Section 19-18 et seq.
Planning Board to approve street prior to issuance of building permit — See Code of Ordinances Section 15-3.
Authority as to subdivisions — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-1.
Approval prerequisite to filing map — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-3.
Approval prerequisite to construction of street utility, improvement — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-4.
Approval prerequisite to building permit — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-5.
Contents of subdivision plats submitted to Planning Board — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-8.
Final plats — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-9.
Telegraph, telephone and electric light wires in City streets — See Administrative Code Section 15.16.
Special elections — See Code of Ordinances Section 2-71 et seq.
Motor vehicles and traffic generally — See Code of Ordinances Ch. 13.
Article I In General

Section 2-1 Common Seal of city established.

Section 2-2 Preservation of documents, public property.

Section 2-3 Auditing and payment of accounts.

Section 2-4 Enforcing collection of delinquent taxes; state law adopted.

Section 2-5 Urban Renewal Agency; appointment, certification of members.

Section 2-6 Centralization of planning and urban renewal projects.

Section 2-7 Narcotic Guidance Council; created; membership; presiding officer.

Section 2-8 City Administrator's quarterly reports to Common Council.

Section 2-9 Liaison committee to Board of Education; composition; appointment of members.

Section 2-10 through Section 2-16. (Reserved)

Article II Planning Board

Section 2-17 Creation; membership.

Section 2-18 Terms of members who are City officials or employees.

Section 2-19 Terms of members who are not City officials or employees.

Section 2-20 Members to serve until successors take office.

Section 2-21 Filling vacancies.

Section 2-22 Powers and limitations.

Section 2-23 Adoption of rules and regulations.

Section 2-24 Alternate members.

Section 2-25 through Section 2-33. (Reserved)

Article III Sale, Lease of Real Estate, Franchises

Section 2-34 Sale, lease to be by auction upon prescribed terms.

Section 2-35 Resolution required; quarterly public auctions.

Section 2-36 Contents of resolution.

Section 2-37 Notice required; preparation, contents.

Section 2-38 Same, publication.

Section 2-39 Conduct of auction; duty of successful bidder.

Section 2-40 Report of auction, authorization of sale or lease.

Section 2-41 Submission of matter to referendum.

Section 2-42 Execution of conveyance, lease.

Article IV Division of City Into Wards

Section 2-43 First Ward.

Section 2-44 Second Ward.

Section 2-45 Third Ward.

Section 2-46 Fourth Ward.

Section 2-47 Fifth Ward.

Section 2-48 Sixth Ward.

Section 2-49 Seventh Ward.

Section 2-50 Eighth Ward.

Section 2-51 through Section 2-52. (Reserved)

Article V Election Districts

Section 2-53 First Ward.

Section 2-54 Second Ward.

Section 2-55 Third Ward.

Section 2-56 Fourth Ward.

Section 2-57 Fifth Ward.

Section 2-58 Sixth Ward.

Section 2-59 Seventh Ward.

Section 2-60 Eighth Ward.

Section 2-61 through Section 2-70. (Reserved)

Article VI Special Elections

Section 2-71 Submission of proposition to electors.

Section 2-72 Time for submitting legislation to special election.

Section 2-73 Effect of approval of legislation at election.

Section 2-74 Qualification of electors.

Section 2-75 Special election officer; designation, duties.

Section 2-76 Election districts, polling places.

Section 2-77 Boundaries of special election districts.

Section 2-78 Voting; canvassing, preserving ballots.

Section 2-79 Applicability of Election Law.

Article VII Mall Commission

Section 2-80 Statement of policy.

Section 2-81 City of Poughkeepsie Mall Commission.

Section 2-82 Operation of mall.

Section 2-83 Boundaries of mall.

Section 2-84 Vehicular traffic prohibited.

Section 2-85 Responsibilities of abutting owners, tenants and prohibited materials.

Section 2-86 Use of mall for nonvehicular purposes.

Section 2-87 Task force.

Section 2-88 Penalties for offenses.

Section 2-89 Remedies deemed cumulative, not exclusive.

Section 2-90 Applicability.

Section 2-91 Promotion.

Section 2-92 Exterior building and street alterations.

Section 2-93 through Section 2-100. (Reserved)

Article VIII Public Access to Records

Section 2-101 Purpose and scope; construction.

Section 2-102 Designation of records access officer; duties.

Section 2-103 Location of records.

Section 2-104 Hours for public inspection.

Section 2-105 Requests for public access to records; contents; acknowledgment.

Section 2-106 Subject matter list to be maintained.

Section 2-107 Denial of access to records.

Section 2-108 Fees.

Section 2-109 Public notice of access officers and location.

Section 2-110 Severability.

Article IX Boards, Commissions and Advisory Bodies

Section 2-201 The Poughkeepsie Institute.