City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
General powers of city enumerated — See Administrative Code Section 2.04.
General definitions and rules of construction — See Code of Ordinances Section 1-2.
Article I Auctions and Auctioneers

Section 5-1 Definitions.

Section 5-2 Exceptions to Article provisions.

Section 5-3 License required.

Section 5-4 Application for license.

Section 5-5 Investigation of applicant for license.

Section 5-6 Bond of applicant for license; amount, conditions.

Section 5-7 Issuance, contents of license.

Section 5-8 Refusal of license; reapplication.

Section 5-9 Fee for license, renewal.

Section 5-10 Expiration, renewal of license.

Section 5-11 Transfer of license.

Section 5-12 Issuance of duplicate license; fee.

Section 5-13 Tampering with, defacing, destroying license.

Section 5-14 Revocation of license.

Section 5-15 Permit required to conduct sale.

Section 5-16 Application for permit to conduct sale.

Section 5-17 Fee to accompany permit application.

Section 5-18 Verified inventory to accompany permit application.

Section 5-19 Investigation of inventory.

Section 5-20 Duration of permit; fee for extension; interval between sales.

Section 5-21 (Reserved)

Section 5-22 Records to be kept; contents, inspection.

Section 5-23 Inspection of auction sales.

Section 5-24 Prohibited acts.

Section 5-25 (Reserved)

Section 5-26 Hours of sale restricted.

Section 5-27 Penalties.

Section 5-28 through Section 5-37. (Reserved)

Article II (Reserved)

Section 5-38 through Section 5-74. (Reserved)

Article III Garage Sales

Section 5-75 Permit to be obtained; number of sales per year in residential zone; maximum time limit per sale; minimum period between sales.

Section 5-76 Application for permit to be filed; fee; information.

Section 5-77 Transfer of permit.

Section 5-78 Defacing permit; time of filing application; inventory.

Section 5-79 Examination of goods; requiring additional information.

Section 5-80 Extensions of time for sale; fee.

Section 5-81 Police inspection of sales; illegal acts.

Section 5-82 Exhibiting permit.

Section 5-83 Sales prohibited on holidays.

Section 5-84 Hours of sale.

Section 5-85 Penalty for violation.