City of North Adams, MA
Berkshire County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: For provisions on traffic regulations in public parks and recreation areas, see § 15-20. For statutory provisions on motor vehicles, see MGL c. 90, §§ 1 through 34K; law of the road, see MGL c. 89, §§ 1 through 11; other provisions regulating traffic, see MGL c. 85, §§ 1 through 36; authority of City to pass ordinances regulating vehicles, see MGL, c. 40, § 22.
Cross reference: Traffic regulations in public parks, recreation areas, § 15-20; State Law reference: Motor vehicles, G.L., C. 90, §§ 1 — 34K; law of the road, G.L., C. 89, §§ 1 — 11; other provisions regulating traffic, G.L., C. 85, §§ 1 — 36, authority of city to pass ordinances regulating vehicles, G.L., C. 40, § 22.
Article I In General

Sec. 13-1 Definitions.

Sec. 13-2 Exemptions of certain vehicles from provisions of chapter.

Sec. 13-3 Authority generally of police.

Sec. 13-4 Noisy vehicles.

Sec. 13-5 Clinging to moving vehicles.

Sec. 13-6 Pedestrians soliciting rides.

Sec. 13-7 Driver to report accident.

Sec. 13-8 Removal of vehicles for the purpose of snow removal.

Sec. 13-9 Street parades, processions, etc.

Sec. 13-9.1 Parade regulations.

Sec. 13-9.2 Obstruction of or interference with parades.

Sec. 13-9.3 Throwing objects or substances at parades.

Sec. 13-9.4 Enforcement of parade regulations.

Sec. 13-9.5 Violation of parade regulations.

Sec. 13-10 Unlawful riding.

Sec. 13-11 Zones of quiet.

Sec. 13-12 Dropping or leaking loads.

Article II Traffic Commission

Sec. 13-13 Established; composition; qualifications; chairman.

Sec. 13-14 Appointment; terms of office.

Sec. 13-15 Organization; records.

Sec. 13-16 Meetings.

Sec. 13-17 Powers and duties.

Sec. 13-18 Reference of traffic ordinances to Commission.

Article III Signs, Signals and Markings

Sec. 13-19 Installation, operation and maintenance.

Sec. 13-20 Obedience to traffic signals, signs and markings.

Sec. 13-21 Designation, etc., by Council.

Sec. 13-22 Duty of Commissioner of Public Works.

Sec. 13-23 Display of signs.

Sec. 13-24 Display of unauthorized signals, signs and markings; removal.

Sec. 13-25 Interference with.

Article IV Operation of Vehicles

Sec. 13-26 Special speed regulations.

Sec. 13-26.1 School zones.

Sec. 13-27 Operation of emergency vehicles.

Sec. 13-28 Approaching intersections.

Sec. 13-28.1 Traffic lanes for specific turning movements only.

Sec. 13-29 Overtaking vehicles.

Sec. 13-30 Driver to give way to overtaking vehicle.

Sec. 13-31 Left turns on Veterans, Memorial Drive.

Sec. 13-32 Obstructing traffic.

Sec. 13-33 Following too closely.

Sec. 13-34 Throughways.

Sec. 13-35 Slow vehicles to stay 200 feet apart.

Sec. 13-36 Starting, stopping, turning or backing.

Sec. 13-37 U-turns prohibited.

Sec. 13-38 Emerging from alley or private driveway generally.

Sec. 13-39 Entering and emerging from driveways on certain streets.

Sec. 13-40 Regulation of bicycles.

Sec. 13-41 Obedience to traffic-control signals.

Sec. 13-41.1 Vehicle operation at crosswalks.

Sec. 13-42 Obedience to isolated stop signs or signals.

Sec. 13-42.1 Obedience to yield signs.

Sec. 13-43 One-way streets.

Sec. 13-44 Keep to right of roadway division.

Sec. 13-45 Driving on road surfaces under construction or repair.

Sec. 13-46 Driving on sidewalks.

Sec. 13-47 Funeral procession.

Sec. 13-47.1 Operation of heavy commercial vehicles.

Article V Stopping, Standing or Parking Generally

Sec. 13-48 General prohibitions.

Sec. 13-49 Parking prohibited on certain streets.

Sec. 13-50 Parking time limited on designated streets.

Sec. 13-50.1 Other restricted parking times.

Sec. 13-51 Parking vehicles for sale prohibited.

Sec. 13-52 All night parking.

Sec. 13-53 Bus stops.

Sec. 13-54 Taxicab stands.

Sec. 13-55 Loading zones.

Sec. 13-55.1 Tow away regulations.

Article VI Parking Meters

Sec. 13-56 Authority to install.

Sec. 13-57 Manner of installation; construction.

Sec. 13-58 Parking meter zones.

Sec. 13-59 Proper method of using meter and space generally.

Sec. 13-60 Commercial vehicles.

Sec. 13-61 Fees for different parking zones.

Sec. 13-62 Collection and disposition of fees.

Sec. 13-63 Assumption of risk in municipal parking areas.

Sec. 13-64 Tampering with, etc., meters; deposit of slugs, etc.

Sec. 13-65 Penalty.

Article VII Pedestrian Control Regulations

Sec. 13-66 Pedestrians crossing ways or roadways.

Sec. 13-67 Pedestrian actuation.

Sec. 13-68 Pedestrian obedience to traffic-control signals.

Sec. 13-69 Pedestrian crossings and use of roadways.

Sec. 13-70 Operators to exercise due care.

Sec. 13-71 Officers to enforce pedestrian regulations.

Sec. 13-72 Exemptions.

Sec. 13-73 Penalties.

Sec. 13-74 Effect of regulations.