City of North Adams, MA
Berkshire County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: See also § 13-12, Dropping or leaking load, § 14-3.1, Drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages in public places, § 14-10, Spitting on sidewalks, Ch. 15, Litter, § 15-7.1, Throwing snow or ice into streets, § 15-7.2, Washing vehicles in streets, and §§ 15-19 through 15-20, gutter discharges and drainage into streets and sidewalks. For statutory provisions on streets, generally, see MGL c. 81 et seq.
Cross references: Dropping or leaking load, § 13-12; drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages in public places, § 14-3.1; spitting on sidewalks, § 14-10, litter, Ch. 15; throwing snow and ice into streets, § 15-7.1; washing vehicles in streets, § 15-7.2; gutter discharges and drainage into streets and sidewalks, §§ 15-19, 15-20; State law reference: Streets generally, G.L., C. 81 et seq.
Article I In General

Sec. 21-1 Naming of streets; erection of signs.

Sec. 21-2 Numbering of buildings—Assignment of numbers.

Sec. 21-3 Same—System.

Sec. 21-4 Same—Owners or occupants to affix; size; position.

Sec. 21-5 Digging up or obstructing streets, etc.—Generally.

Sec. 21-6 Same—Placing of lights or guards.

Sec. 21-7 (Reserved)

Sec. 21-8 Altering sidewalks and gutters.

Sec. 21-9 Moving buildings through streets.

Sec. 21-10 Steps or doors to basements abutting on streets.

Sec. 21-11 Gates or doors not to swing over streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-12 Snow and ice removal from sidewalks.

Sec. 21-13 Snow and ice removal from roofs abutting on sidewalks.

Sec. 21-14 through Sec. 21-20. (Reserved)

Sec. 21-21 Heating roofing material in streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-22 Coasting in streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-23 Playing games in streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-24 Discharging weapons in streets and sidewalks.

Sec. 21-25 Bicycle riding, roller skating, in-line skating and skateboarding on sidewalks.

Sec. 21-25.1 Roller skating, in-line skating and skateboarding in the Business District.

Sec. 21-25.2 Shopping carts.

Sec. 21-26 Parades, etc., through streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-27 Speechmaking in streets or sidewalks.

Sec. 21-28 Selling articles in streets and sidewalks.

Article II Awnings, Signs, Marquees and Other Similar Projections

Sec. 21-29 Permit required.

Sec. 21-30 Application for permit; bond.

Sec. 21-31 Revocation of permit.

Sec. 21-32 Height above and extension beyond sidewalk.

Sec. 21-33 Additional regulations.

Sec. 21-34 Effect on existing structures.

Article III Pipes, Poles, Wires and Conduits in, Over or Under Public Ways

Sec. 21-35 Power and authority of commissioner of public works generally.

Sec. 21-36 Permit to construct and maintain—Application for issuance.

Sec. 21-37 Same—Plans to accompany application.

Sec. 21-37.1 Fees.

Sec. 21-38 Same—Acceptance of conditions by permittee; when permit voided.

Sec. 21-39 Bond.

Sec. 21-40 Plan showing location of underground facilities.

Sec. 21-41 Order to change location.

Sec. 21-42 Compliance with rules and regulations of commissioner of public works; access to facilities; manner of performing work.

Sec. 21-43 City to have free use for police and fire alarm system.

Sec. 21-44 Permit required to excavate, etc., street, etc., surface; restoration work.

Sec. 21-45 Facilities of others not to be interfered with.

Sec. 21-46 Repair or replacement of unsafe facilities; removal of abandoned facilities generally.

Sec. 21-47 Removal of certain wires, poles, etc., after completion of conduit.

Article IV Laying Out, Altering, Relocating and Discontinuing Streets

Sec. 21-48 Petition required; contents of petition and profile.

Sec. 21-49 Releases by abutters.

Sec. 21-50 Grade and drainage.

Sec. 21-51 Width of streets.

Article V Installation or Alteration of Sidewalk Curbings for Private Entrances

Sec. 21-52 Supervision.

Sec. 21-53 Installation of new curbing; cutting of existing curbing generally.

Sec. 21-54 Cost of work.

Sec. 21-55 Width of curb cuts.