City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 1.01 Title.

Section 1.02 Purpose.

Section 1.03 Effect on State Law.

Section 1.04 Effect on Local Laws and Enactments.

Section 1.05 Definitions.


Section 2.01 Qualification of Electors for City Officers; Applicability of Election Laws.

Section 2.02 Qualification of Successful Candidate for Office.

Section 2.03 Common Council.

Section 2.04 Enactment of Legislation for Designated Purposes.

Section 2.05 Enactment of Resolutions for Designated Purposes.

Section 2.06 Penalty Limit for Ordinance Violation; Effective Date, Presumption of Regularity of Adoption; Abatement of Violation.

Section 2.07 Subpoena, Oath-administering Power of Common Council, Committees thereof.

Section 2.08 Commitment of Person Refusing to Attend and Testify in Obedience to Summons.

Section 2.09 Entries in Books, etc. Presumptive Evidence of Facts therein.

Section 2.10 Requirement for Fiscal Impact Statement.

Section 2.11 Official Newspaper.

Section 2.12 Bonds of City Officers — Amount, Conditions.

Section 2.13 Same — Prerequisite for Taking Office; Justification by Sureties.

Section 2.14 Unauthorized Perquisites, Fees, Emoluments, Compensation.

Section 2.15 Salaries of Officers.

Section 2.16 Compensation of election inspectors, ballot clerks, poll clerks.

Section 2.17 Mandatory Councilmember Training.


Section 3.01 Mayor; Powers and Duties.

Section 3.02 Appointment of Designated Officers by the Mayor; Removal.

Section 3.03 Certification of Appointment to, Removal from Office.

Section 3.04 Effect of Partial Approval, Partial Disapproval of Resolutions by Mayor.

Section 3.05 Fiscal Impact Statement.

Section 3.06 City administrator; Powers and Duties.

Section 3.07 Heads of Departments.

Section 3.08 Property, papers, effects to be delivered to successor in office.

Section 3.09 Mandatory Mayoral Training.


Section 4.01 City chamberlain.

Section 4.02 Handling fees for searches, copies of records, costs in proceedings.

Section 4.03 Records Management Program.


Section 5.01 Commissioner of assessment; powers and duties.

Section 5.02 Board of review.

Section 5.03 Taxable status date.

Section 5.04 Correction of assessment rolls; extension, apportionment of taxes on assessment roll.

Section 5.05 Powers as to division fences or walls.


Section 6.01 Corporation counsel.


Section 7.01 Commissioner of Finance.

Section 7.02 Commissioner of Finance; powers and duties.

Section 7.03 Commissioner of Finance; purchasing agent.

Section 7.04 Lien, satisfaction of bond.

Section 7.05 Control of city finances.

Section 7.06 Deposit, withdrawal of city funds.

Section 7.07 Monthly financial reports to common council.

Section 7.08 Authority to accept best value.


Section 8.01 Department of public works; commissioner; appointment; qualifications.

Section 8.02 Powers and duties.

Section 8.03 City Engineer; deputies and staff; appointment.

Section 8.04 Prohibited deposits in aqueducts, reservoirs of city.

Section 8.05 Authorization to issue appearance tickets by employees of the Department of Public Works.


Section 9.01 Department of development.

Section 9.02 Building division.


Section 10.01 Chief of police — Appointment, tenure as head of department.

Section 10.02 Powers and duties of chief of police.

Section 10.03 Authority as to police apparatus.

Section 10.04 Same — Purchase of supplies; supervision, maintenance of vehicles, equipment.

Section 10.05 Appointments of personnel from civil service lists; salaries; qualification for appointment; removal upon charges; organization, authority of trial commission.

Section 10.06 Authority of trial board in proceedings before it.

Section 10.07 Vacancy in office, absence, disability of chief of police.

Section 10.08 Disorderly persons designated; penalty limitation.

Section 10.09 Lost, found or stolen property; registration, delivery to owner, sale, other disposition.

Section 10.10 Penalty for violations of Chapter 9 of the City of Poughkeepsie Code of Ordinances.

Section 10.11 Authorization to issue appearance tickets by Parking Department Director and Senior Parking Lot Attendants of the Department of Public Works and Traffic Agents of the Police Department.

Section 10.12 Investigation of the criminal record of applicants for taxicab driver's license.

Section 10.13 Abandoned vehicles convertible for police use


Section 11.01 Fire chief designated head of department; authority of chief; assistants.

Section 11.02 Appointment, tenure, removal of fire chief; salaries of personnel of department prescribed.

Section 11.03 Duties of fire chief; removal of personnel upon charges.

Section 11.04 Command of department, control of apparatus, personnel; appointment, tenure of assistants.

Section 11.05 Receipt and expenditure of fire department tax on premiums on policies of foreign and alien fire insurance companies and fire insurance premium tax on foreign mutual fire insurance companies.

Section 11.06 Authorization to issue appearance tickets by fire inspector.

Section 11.07 (Reserved)

Section 11.08 Authorization to issue appearance tickets by plumbing inspectors.


Section 12.01 Action by city judges on complaint for ordinance violation.

Section 12.02 Prosecutions for penalties, forfeitures; judgments, execution, enforcement.

Section 12.03 Appeal from judgment.


Section 13.01 Contracts for purchase or sale of real estate.

Section 13.02 Sale or lease of real property.

Section 13.03 Exemption of city property from taxation.

Section 13.04 Exemption of city property from taxation; property in Town of Poughkeepsie.

Section 13.05 Notice to multiple owners of property.

Section 13.06 Specific conveyances of land; description of land conveyed by city; purpose; time limit.

Section 13.07 Specific conveyance of land; parcel no. 2 — Time limit; description of land conveyed by city.

Section 13.08 Specific conveyance of land; parcel no. 1 — description of land conveyed by city.

Section 13.09 Specific conveyance of land; parcel no. 2 — description of land conveyed to city.

Section 13.10 Specific conveyance of land; land conveyed by city to Marist College.


Section 14.01 Budget — estimates of anticipated expenditures, revenues.

Section 14.02 Budget — review of estimates; preparation, submission of proposed budget.

Section 14.03 Contents of budget message, budget.

Section 14.04 Budget — Adoption of budget.

Section 14.05 Budget — effect of adoption of budget; assessment, apportionment of taxes.

Section 14.06 Taxes — continuation of collection of taxes pursuant to charter.

Section 14.07 Taxes — notice regarding collection of taxes.

Section 14.08 Taxes — penalties, interest on unpaid taxes.

Section 14.09 Taxes — receipt for payment of taxes.

Section 14.10 Taxes — report of taxes collected.

Section 14.11 Taxes — additional penalty for expense of mailing notices pursuant to Real Property Tax Law.

Section 14.12 Taxes — payment of taxes to county commissioner of finance.

Section 14.13 Taxes — effect of payment to county commissioner of finance.

Section 14.14 Taxes — unpaid taxes and assessments; settlement.

Section 14.15 Taxes — renewal of warrants for collection of taxes and assessments.

Section 14.16 Taxes — action to collect taxes.

Section 14.17 Taxes — lien of taxes, assessments, water, sewer rents; manner of collection.

Section 14.18 Taxes — transcript of unpaid taxes; correction of assessments.

Section 14.19 Taxes — sale of land for unpaid tax, penalty, interest — authorized.

Section 14.20 Taxes — obtaining of title search and identification of lienors for unpaid real property taxes.

Section 14.21 Taxes — advertisement, conduct of sale.

Section 14.22 Taxes — duty of purchaser; purchase by city; certification of sale.

Section 14.23 Taxes — conduct of sale by city chamberlain.

Section 14.24 Taxes — disposition of proceeds.

Section 14.25 Taxes — redemption of property sold at tax sale.

Section 14.26 Taxes — notice of redemption from tax sale; publication, effect.

Section 14.27 Taxes — conveyance of property upon expiration of period of redemption.

Section 14.28 Taxes — tax deed; execution, recordation, effect.

Section 14.29 Taxes — right of grantee in tax deed to possession.

Section 14.30 Taxes — refund of money paid at tax sale.

Section 14.31 Taxes — lands acquired by city for taxes; exemption from tax, sale.

Section 14.32 Taxes — unpaid assessments, water rates, other liens; levy correction, enforcement, collection.

Section 14.33 Taxes — real property business investment exemption, computation.

Section 14.34 Taxes — partial exemption from city taxes; purpose.

Section 14.35 Taxes — partial exemption granted; conditions.

Section 14.36 Taxes — special tax credits and assessments; authority of commissioner of assessment to grant tax credits, exemptions.

Section 14.37 Taxes — special tax credits and assessments; consideration, determination of values.

Section 14.38 Taxes — schedule of credits, exemptions.

Section 14.39 Taxes — special tax credits and assessments — when exemption to commence.

Section 14.40 Veteran's exemption from real property taxation.

Section 14.40.1 Exemption for Cold War Veterans.

Section 14.41 Real property taxation exemption for parent/grandparent additions.

Section 14.42 Taxes — economic development zones; state law applicable.

Section 14.43 Taxes — economic development zones; findings.

Section 14.44 Taxes — economic development zones; authorization to apply.

Section 14.45 Taxes — economic development zones; boundaries.

Section 14.46 Taxes — economic development zones; certification officer.

Section 14.47 Taxes — economic development zones; administrative board.

Section 14.48 Taxes — economic development zone; implementation of economic development zone exemption.

Section 14.49 Taxes — economic development zone; term of exemption.

Section 14.50 Taxes — economic development zone; amount of exemption.

Section 14.51 Taxes — economic development zone; applicability of § 485-e.

Section 14.52 Taxes — utilities; tax on income of utilities; imposition of tax.

Section 14.53 Taxes — utilities; tax on income of utilities; definitions.

Section 14.54 Taxes — utilities; tax on income of utilities; records to be kept.

Section 14.55 Taxes — utilities; returns to be filed; frequency, form, contents.

Section 14.56 Taxes — utilities; payment of tax.

Section 14.57 Taxes — utilities; determination of tax upon failure to file proper return.

Section 14.58 Taxes — utilities; mailing of notices.

Section 14.59 Taxes — utilities; penalty for violation of time limitations.

Section 14.60 Taxes — utilities; refunds of taxes, penalties paid.

Section 14.61 Taxes — utilities; tax to constitute part of operating costs of utility.

Section 14.62 Taxes — utilities; proceedings to enforce payment of tax, penalty.

Section 14.63 Taxes — utilities; general authority of commissioner of finance.

Section 14.64 Taxes — utilities; disposition of taxes and penalties received.

Section 14.65 Taxes — utilities; secrecy provisions.

Section 14.66 Taxes — claims against fire insurance proceeds.

Section 14.67 Taxes — limitations on amount to be raised by real estate taxes; maximum taxation rate.

Section 14.68 Taxes — continued application of article VIII, § 10.

Section 14.69 Water and Sewer — imposition of rates, charges for water, right of entry upon premises.

Section 14.70 Water and sewer — collection of bills for water and sewer rents.

Section 14.71 Water and sewer — sewer rents.

Section 14.72 Improvements — procedure for the assessment of the cost of certain assessable improvements.

Section 14.73 Improvements — payment of assessments for local improvements in installments.

Section 14.74 Improvements — scope of terms relating to improvements; applicability to water or sewer connections.

Section 14.75 Improvements — acquisition of property, interests therein for water and sewer services.

Section 14.76 Improvements — right to use highways to supply water service.

Section 14.77 Improvements — extension of water and sewer service pipes; terms, conditions.

Section 14.78 Improvements — assessment of cost of lateral sewer constructed in street.

Section 14.79 Improvements — construction, installation, connection, maintenance of service pipes and lines.

Section 14.80 Improvements — taxpayers' elections; notice, qualification of electors, conduct of election, canvassing returns, certifying results.

Section 14.81 Financing — tax anticipation notes; bonds for designated purposes; restrictions upon financial obligations; fiscal year of city.

Section 14.82 Financing — moneys for payment of local assessments; interest on notes and/or bonds to finance work.

Section 14.83 Historic property tax exemption.

Section 14.84 Homestead base proportions.


Section 15.01 Accounts, claims against city; verification, audit, payment, rejection.

Section 15.02 Action against city due to defective condition of streets, sidewalks; notice required.

Section 15.03 Liability of city for defective streets, sidewalks, etc.; notice required.

Section 15.04 Expenses chargeable against county; audit, allowance, payment.

Section 15.05 Board of Ethics; established.

Section 15.06 Board of ethics; powers and duties.

Section 15.07 Interest of officers, employees in city contracts, expenditures, prohibited.

Section 15.08 Residency requirement for officers and employees.

Section 15.09 Continuity of government — authority for, intent of provisions.

Section 15.10 Continuity of government — definitions.

Section 15.11 Continuity of government — designation, status, qualifications, terms of emergency interim successor.

Section 15.12 Continuity of government — assumption of powers and duties by emergency interim successor.

Section 15.13 Continuity of government — recording and publication of designations.

Section 15.14 Continuity of government — Qualification for taking office.

Section 15.15 Continuity of government — Quorum and vote requirements of common council.

Section 15.16 Telegraph, telephone and electric light wires in city street.

Section 15.17 Bonds for school purposes — authority to require election.

Section 15.18 Housing authority — established, organized, powers, duties.

Section 15.19 Public recreation commission — created.

Section 15.20 Public recreation commission — appointments, terms of members; vacancies.

Section 15.21 Public recreation commission — qualification, oath, compensation, removal of members.

Section 15.22 Public recreation commission — jurisdiction of commission.

Section 15.23 Public recreation commission — delegation of authority to board of education.

Section 15.24 Public recreation commission — election of officers, adoption of rules and regulations.

Section 15.25 Public recreation commission — receipt, expenditure of funds.

Section 15.26 Public recreation commission — preparation, adoption of budget.

Section 15.27 Golf course commission — Created.

Section 15.28 Golf course commission — Appointments, terms of members, vacancies.

Section 15.29 Golf course commission — jurisdiction of the commission.

Section 15.30 Golf course commission — qualifications, oath, compensation, removal of members.

Section 15.31 Golf course commission — duties.

Section 15.32 Mental health — county mental health board.

Section 15.33 Mass transportation system — purpose.

Section 15.34 Mass transportation system — power to acquire, construct, etc.; for projects.

Section 15.35 Mass transportation system — power to make contracts for operation of system owned by city.

Section 15.36 Mass transportation system — authority to contract with private facility for services.

Section 15.37 Appointment of City Historian.

Section 15.38 Meeting attendance requirement for boards, commissions, committees or authorities of the City.


Section 16.01 Amendment.

Section 16.02 Effect on pending actions and proceedings.

Section 16.03 Judicial notice.

Section 16.04 Separability.

Section 16.05 Effective Date.