City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Powers of Common Council enumerated — See Administrative Code Section 2.04.
Police Department — See Administrative Code Art. X.
General definitions and rules of construction — See Code of Ordinances Section 1-2.
Altering Code of Ordinances prohibited — See Code of Ordinances Section 1-7.
General penalty for Code violations — See Code of Ordinances Section 1-8.
Prosecution where different penalties exist for same offense — See Code of Ordinances Section 1-9.
Movies — See Code of Ordinances Section 3-3.
Bingo regulated — See Code of Ordinances Section 3-14 et seq.
Carnivals, circuses and theatrical performances — See Code of Ordinances Section 3-48 et seq.
False alarms of fire — See Code of Ordinances Section 8-55.
Disturbing or removing garbage and other materials placed for collection — See Code of Ordinances Section 9-25.
Accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used by peddlers — See Code of Ordinances Section 10-6.
Traffic Commission — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-19 et seq.
Traffic Violations Bureau — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-37 et seq.
Abandonment of vehicles — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-55 et seq.
Illegal parking in parking lot meter zones — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-156.
Use of slugs, tampering with parking meters — See Code of Ordinances Section 13-157.
Noises in general — See Code of Ordinances Ch. 13 1/2.
Obstructing streets — See Code of Ordinances Section 15-4.
Alcoholic beverages in Kaal Rock Park — See Code of Ordinances Section 15-16.1.
Authority of City to provide penalties, forfeitures, imprisonment for violations of ordinances — See § 20, Subdivision 22, of the General City Law.
Prosecution of municipal officials — See § 51, General Municipal Law.
Article I In General

Section 14-1 Abandoned iceboxes, refrigerators and similar receptacles.

Section 14-2 Air pistols and air rifles; sale, possession, discharge.

Section 14-3 Flying kites.

Section 14-4 Interments and disinterments.

Section 14-5 Loitering.

Section 14-6 Malicious mischief.

Section 14-7 Meter inspectors; badges required.

Section 14-8 Minors engaged in street trades, as newspaper carrier boys.

Section 14-9 Noises: siren whistles and gongs.

Section 14-10 Same: playing musical instruments in streets.

Section 14-11 Same: radios and similar devices.

Section 14-12 Obscene words, characters, figures.

Section 14-13 Aggressive panhandling prohibited.

Section 14-14 Sales on holidays.

Section 14-15 Strikebreakers employment in labor disputes.

Section 14-16 Throwing stones, missiles.

Section 14-17 Vehicles; abandonment on private property.

Section 14-18 Weapons, discharge.

Section 14-19 Consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places and possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages in public places.

Section 14-20 Public urination; penalties for offenses.

Section 14-21 Bicycling and skateboarding prohibited; parking facilities.

Section 14-22 Drying laundry in front yard.

Section 14-23 Playing in City streets.

Section 14-24 Regulation of externally audible burglar alarms.

Section 14-25 Regulation of alarm systems.

Section 14-26 Returned checks; service charge.

Section 14-27 (Reserved)

Section 14-28 Fee for fingerprinting by Police Department.

Article II Shopping Carts

Section 14-29 Definitions.

Section 14-30 Carts to be suitably marked or tagged.

Section 14-31 Removal of cart from establishment.

Section 14-32 Leaving cart in public place.

Section 14-33 Removal of carts found in public places.

Section 14-34 Proof of ownership prerequisite to redemption.

Section 14-35 Redemption of carts removed by city.

Section 14-36 Public sale of carts removed by city.

Section 14-37 Disposal of cart not sold at auction.

Section 14-38 Liability for disposal of cart.

Section 14-39 Disposition of proceeds from sale, redemption of cart.

Section 14-40 Scope of Article.

Section 14-41 through Section 14-44. (Reserved)

Article III Protection of Public and Private Places

Section 14-45 Graffiti prohibited.

Section 14-46 Liability of parents or certain legal guardians having custody of an infant.

Article IV Nuisances

Section 14-47 Legislative intent.

Section 14-48 Nuisance defined.

Section 14-49 Action for permanent injunction.

Section 14-50 Permanent injunction.

Section 14-51 Severability of parts of article.

Article V Telephone Booths

Section 14-52 Legislative findings.

Section 14-53 Definitions.

Section 14-54 Permit required.

Section 14-55 Application for permit.

Section 14-56 Rates to be posted; emergency calls.

Section 14-57 Standards for maintenance and installation.

Section 14-58 Location and placement.

Section 14-59 Commissions.

Section 14-60 Revocation.

Section 14-61 Applicability to existing pay telephones.

Section 14-62 Penalties for offenses.

Section 14-63 Severability.

Section 14-64 When effective.

Article VI Extended-Hours Retail Sales and Service Establishments

Section 14-65 Legislative findings.

Section 14-66 Definitions.

Section 14-67 Permit required.

Section 14-68 Extended-hours retail sales and service establishment security.

Section 14-69 Creating or maintaining noncompliant retail sales and service establishments prohibited.

Section 14-70 Enforcement and penalties.

Section 14-71 Application denials.