Town of Brookfield, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, all appointed boards and commissions shall have the powers and duties prescribed by law. It shall be the responsibility of all officials of the Town to carry out their duties with the highest ethical standards regardless of personal considerations. Their conduct should at all times be for the public good and within the bounds of law, should be above reproach and should avoid conflict between public and private interest and responsibilities.
Except as otherwise provided by law, all appointed boards and commissions shall elect a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a Secretary by the end of February of each year. All boards and commissions shall make regulations and policy for the conduct of their meetings and the execution of their duties. Such regulations and policies and any amendments thereto shall be filed with the Town Clerk and shall be public record. Any vacancy in any of the officers' positions on any board or commission shall be filled by the majority vote of the members of such board or commission.
Copies of all minutes taken by each board and commission shall be filed with the Town Clerk and First Selectman within seven (7) business days. The recorded vote of each member thereof on all issues shall be filed with the Town Clerk and with the First Selectman within two (2) business days. The Town Clerk shall maintain files of such minutes, which shall be public record. Any changes to filing deadlines of minutes or recorded votes adopted by the Legislature and incorporated into the CT General Statutes subsequent to the adoption of this Charter shall supersede this section and shall be deemed to prevail.
All appointed members of Boards, Commissions, Committees and Authorities shall serve without compensation, except that necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties shall be paid from an appropriation for that purpose.
All resignations must be submitted in writing to the Town Clerk.
In the event that this Charter shall provide for the appointment of any board, commission or committee and such body was previously elected, any incumbent persons on the effective date of this Charter shall complete the terms for which they were elected but their successors, if any, shall be appointed as herein provided.
All members of boards, commissions and committees shall be electors of the Town and shall have such qualifications as may be provided by the Board of Selectmen or by the CT General Statutes. If any such officer or member shall cease to be an elector of the Town, such person shall thereupon cease to hold such office or membership.
Membership of appointed boards, commissions or other similar bodies of the Town or any vacancies therein shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with the provisions of § C4-12 of this Charter.
Minority representation on any appointed board, commission or other similar body of the Town shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-167a of the CT General Statutes.
Members of the following boards and commissions shall be appointed in accordance with § C7-4 of this Charter for terms commencing on the first Monday in February. Membership and terms of office for each board or commission shall be in accordance with Addendum A attached hereto.
Arts Commission.
Board of Ethics.
Building Code Board of Appeals.
Building Code Board of Appeals alternates.
Candlewood Lake Authority.
Commission on Aging.
Commission on Aging alternates.
Conservation Commission.
Conservation Commission alternates.
Economic Development Commission.
Economic Development Commission alternates.
Gurski Homestead Commission.
Historic District Commission.
Historic District Commission alternates.
Housing Authority.
Inland Wetlands Commission.
Inland Wetlands Commission alternates.
Lake Lillinonah Authority.
Library Board of Trustees.
Library Board of Trustees alternates.
Municipal Building Committee.
Municipal Building Committee alternates.
Parks and Recreation Commission.
Parks and Recreation Commission alternates.
Planning Commission alternates.
Police Commission.
Police Commission alternates.
Water Pollution Control Authority.
Water Pollution Control Authority alternates.
Youth Commission.
Youth Commission alternates.
Zoning Board of Appeals alternates.
Zoning Commission alternates.
The Board of Selectmen, by a majority vote of the entire Board, may create such new offices, boards, commissions and committees as it may determine are necessary or proper for the general health, safety and welfare of the Town and may prescribe their duties by ordinance. The Board of Selectmen, by majority vote of the entire Board and after a public hearing pursuant to § C4-5, may also discontinue any appointed office, board, commission or committee that it may deem no longer necessary or proper for such purposes, including any such office or agency created under this Charter. The Board of Selectmen may, by ordinance, increase or decrease the membership of any appointed board or commission.