Village of Richland, MI
Kalamazoo County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Village shall determine the location of all sidewalks.
The street Commissioner's designee shall be the only authorized constructor or repairer of sidewalks within the Village.
[Code 1959, §§ 30.102—30.106]
The street Commissioner shall determine the line, grade, slope, width and manner of construction of all sidewalks.
[Code 1959, §§ 30.109—30.111]
The Village may assess property owners for damage to sidewalks in front of residences.
[Code 1959, § 30.112; Ord. of 6-13-2011(1)]
Failure of an owner or occupant of a parcel of real property on which a sidewalk abuts to keep such portion of the sidewalk clear from snow, ice or other obstruction that results in impairing or impeding travel on such sidewalk shall be declared a nuisance and is prohibited. Any accumulation of two or more inches of snow shall be considered sufficient to impair or impede free passage. Such accumulation must be removed within 12 hours of the cessation of snowfall; however, if snowfall ends between 6:00 p.m. and sunrise, the snow must be removed within 12 hours of sunrise.
It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee, tenant, or occupant to deposit grass clippings on any side walk, street or curb.
[Code 1959, § 30.113]
If any occupant or owner shall neglect or fail to clear ice or snow from the sidewalk adjoining his premises within the time limited in section 28-85, or shall otherwise permit ice or snow to accumulate on such sidewalk, he shall be guilty of a violation of this article and in addition, the superintendent of public works may cause the ice or snow to be cleared and the expense of removal shall be collectible as provided in chapter VII, section 10 of the Charter.
Where new streets are constructed within the Village, the developer shall put monies into escrow for sidewalks to be built according to Village specifications.