Town of Collins, NY
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
By the adoption of this article, the Town Board of the Town of Collins declares its intent to regulate the operation within the Town of Collins of land now used or hereafter acquired or leased by the Town of Collins for the purpose of a transfer station for refuse disposal and to prohibit the dumping of refuse in this Town except at such site or sites.
This chapter shall apply to any lands now used or hereafter acquired or leased by said Town for the purpose of a transfer station for refuse.
Purpose. The Town transfer station shall be maintained for the use and benefit of the residential, commercial and institutional entities within the boundaries of the Town Special Refuse District.
Use by unauthorized persons; penalties. Any person not authorized to do so, who shall dump any refuse or material of any kind at the Town of Collins transfer station shall be guilty of a violation.
No person, for the purpose of final disposal thereof, shall throw, deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited, any garbage, trash, or abandoned vehicles, or parts thereof, in or upon any lands within the Town of Collins, except the transfer station described in § 253-5, except household compost piles, disposal of manure in connection with farming operations, and land spreading operations which are operated with a permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation, and junkyards with a permit under § 136 of the General Municipal Law.
No person shall leave or deposit any offal, garbage, dead animal, septic tank contents, refuse or trash of any kind upon any private property, street, avenue, highway, park or public place within the Town Special Refuse District, except that households and business places may place garbage and refuse in proper containers in front of their premises for collection by authorized collectors.
All garbage and trash transported, brought and/or carried to the transfer station for refuse of the Town of Collins shall be contained securely, bundled and battened down or otherwise secured within the vehicles transporting the same to prevent the accidental discharge thereof.
Disposal at transfer station. No person shall carry or leave or cause to be carried or left, upon the premises mentioned in § 253-5 of this chapter, any automobile, vehicle, machine, appliance or other article, or any part thereof, except where authorized storage is provided.
Garbage and trash generated from outside of the Town Special Refuse District is strictly prohibited. Any person found disposing or dumping in the Town transfer station of garbage and/or trash accumulated beyond the boundaries of the Town Special Refuse District shall be guilty of a violation.
Identification stickers required. Persons using the Town transfer station shall have displayed on their vehicle an identification sticker issued by the Town Clerk. Proper identification is required to obtain stickers.
Display of identification sticker. The aforesaid identification sticker required to be displayed on all vehicles using the Town transfer station shall be affixed to a window on the driver's side of the vehicle, and visible to the transfer station attendant.
Restrictions on size of vehicles. Vehicles using the Town transfer station shall be limited to vehicles not exceeding one-ton gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), unless specifically authorized by the Town Board.
Commercial haulers. Authorized collectors, or person hauling refuse for hire or contractors, are prohibited from using the Town transfer station and will not be issued permits except by specific authorization of the Town Board.
Unacceptable materials. The following items or materials will not be accepted at the Town transfer station:
Dead animals, fecal matter, or offal.
Auto parts more than four feet in length.
Liquids of any kind.
Large trees, stumps or logs.
Demolition and construction materials, including stone or brick.
Large metal drums or containers.
Hazardous materials of any kind.
Days and hours of operation. The days on which the transfer station shall be open will be set by the Town Board with the hours being posted at the entrance to the transfer station. The Town Board, at its discretion, may require different hours or alternate days for use of the transfer station.
Speed limit. The speed limit on the road to the transfer station site and within the transfer station site shall be posted at no more than 15 miles per hour in conspicuous spots on the driveway to the transfer station.
Compliance with state rules. The transfer station operated under this chapter shall comply with all rules pursuant to 6 NYCRR Part 360, for solid waste management facilities, unless the regulations under this chapter are more stringent.
Additional rules and regulations. The Town Board may make such additional rules or regulations by resolution or local law from time to time that may be necessary with respect to the operation of the Town transfer station.
Purchase of garbage bag stickers. All garbage deposited at the Town transfer station shall be in garbage bags. Each garbage bag must have affixed to it an appropriate disposal identification sticker purchased from the Town of Collins. The use of inappropriately sized stickers is prohibited and constitutes a violation of this chapter.
Recyclable materials. All recyclable materials shall be source separated and placed in the proper receptacles at the transfer station. No person shall deposit any recyclable materials in regular garbage or any other areas of the transfer station.
Trash. The Town Board will establish dates for periodic trash days when trash may be deposited at the transfer station. It is a violation for anyone to deposit garbage in with trash to avoid the purchase of the appropriate disposal identification sticker.
Removal of materials from transfer station. All materials received at the transfer station are the property of the Town of Collins and shall be properly disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this section. Any person found removing any materials from the transfer station for any reason shall be guilty of a violation.
Fees. A fee schedule shall be established by resolution of the Collins Town Board. Such fee schedule may thereafter be amended from time to time by like resolution. The fees set forth in, or determined in accordance with, such fee schedule or amended fee schedule shall be charged and collected for garbage bag disposal identification stickers, permits to dispose of certain recyclables, fees for delivery of trash and other fees described in or contemplated by this article.
No lands, other than lands of a public dump, dumping ground or transfer station heretofore or hereafter established by this Town, shall be used as a dump, dumping ground, refuse disposal area, landfill site or transfer station in the Town of Collins.
The use of land by anyone, even by the owner or anyone acting with or under his or her permission, as a private dump, dumping ground, refuse disposal area, landfill site or transfer station, is prohibited and the use of said land for the deposit, burying or disposal in any manner whatsoever of municipal solid waste or hazardous waste is also hereby prohibited. Household compost piles, disposal of manure in connection with farming operations, and land spreading operations pursuant to a permit of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are excepted.
This article shall be enforced by the custodian(s) of the transfer station, constables of the Town of Collins, Code Enforcement Officer(s), and any police or peace officer operating within the Town of Collins.
All of the enforcement officers of this article are given authority to issue appearance tickets for violations of this article.
Any person violating any provision of this article shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Chapter 1, General Provisions § 1-3, of the Code of the Town of Collins.