City of West Allis, WI
Milwaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. O-2007-0047, 12/18/2007]
SUBCHAPTER I Title, Scope and Code Adopted

16.01 Title.

16.02 Purpose.

16.03 Applicability.

16.04 Code Adopted.

16.05 through 16.19. (Reserved)

SUBCHAPTER II Administration, Compliance, Liability

16.20 Administration.

16.21 Plumbing Inspector.

16.22 Records.

16.23 Interpretation By The Plumbing Inspector.

16.24 Right of Entry.

16.25 Periodic Inspection.

16.26 Illegal Plumbing — Compliance Procedures.

16.27 Order to Discontinue Occupancy.

16.28 Owner Responsibility.

16.29 Unlawful Connection.

16.30 Unlawful Installation By Unqualified Person.

16.31 Unlawful to Interfere.

16.32 Identification, Unlawful to Deface.

16.33 Discharge of Unauthorized Sewage into Public Storm Sewer.

16.34 Illegal to Discharge Waste in Sanitary Sewer.

16.35 Illegal to Connect Storm Sewer With Sanitary Sewer.

16.36 Damage to Installation.

16.37 Plumbing Permit Required Before Work.

16.38 Liability.

16.39 through 16.49. (Reserved)

SUBCHAPTER III Plumbing Permits, Inspections and Fees

16.50 Plumbing Permit Required.

16.51 Permit Exception.

16.52 Plumbing Permit by Master Licensed Plumber.

16.53 Emergency Work.

16.54 Issuance of Permit.

16.55 Plumbing Permit Voided.

16.56 Plumbing Permit Revoked.

16.57 Approval of Other Permit.

16.58 Working Without a Permit.

16.59 Stop-Work Order.

16.60 Issuance of Permit to Licensed Plumber.

16.61 Inspection of Plumbing.

16.62 Schedule of Plumbing Permit Fees.

16.63 Affidavit Permit.

16.64 Reinspection Fee.

16.65 Plumbing Contractor Forfeiture And No Permit Status.

16.66 Refund of Fees.

16.67 Payment Of Fees to the City Treasurer.

16.68 through 16.74. (Reserved)

SUBCHAPTER IV Special Requirements

16.75 Sanitary Sewer and Water Connection.

16.76 Private Well Abandonment and Well Operation Permit.

16.77 Clear Water Discharge into Sanitary Sewer System Prohibited.

16.78 Stormwater Disposal.

16.79 Water Service and Distribution.

16.80 Street Opening.

16.81 Record Keeping By Pollutant Occupancies.

16.82 Waste Control Sampling Manhole May be Required.

16.83 Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Drain Regulations.

16.84 Cross-Connection Control.

16.85 through 16.97. (Reserved)

SUBCHAPTER V Public Nuisance, Violations And Penalties

16.98 Public Nuisance.

16.99 Violations and Penalties.