Township of Mendham, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 8-13-2001 by Ord. No. 17-2001 (Sec. 32-9 of the 1998 Revised General Ordinances)]
At the time of the grant of approval for the Brookrace subdivision, the developer agreed to dedicate to the Township of Mendham the complete system hereinafter described for the collection, treatment and disposal of domestic sanitary sewage generated by certain properties, the governing body having determined that the public health, safety and welfare would best be assured by Township ownership, operation and maintenance of the system following the completion of the subdivision development. The certificate of occupancy for the last single-family dwelling in Brookrace is about to be issued, and the governing body has caused the system to be inspected and has concluded that it is appropriate for the Township to accept the system at this time. The governing body has found and determined that the cash receipts from fees and any other charges paid in any fiscal year by the owners of properties served by the aforesaid system will be sufficient to meet the operating and maintenance expenses of the system and that accordingly the system may properly be deemed to be a self-liquidating purpose as provided in the Municipal and County Sewerage Act, N.J.S.A. 40A:26A-1 et seq.
The following facilities shall be known as the "Mendham West Water Pollution Control System": the wastewater treatment plant at 351 Pleasant Valley Road on Tax Map Lot 3 in Block 104.01, all sanitary sewage collector and force main pipelines, and all appurtenances to any of the foregoing, all of which facilities are located within municipal streets and easements and serve 86 single-family dwellings within the Brookrace subdivision, 12 condominium dwelling units on Tax Map Lot 2 in Block 104.01 (Chamberlain Sawmill Village) and three cottages on Tax Map Lot 23 in Block 104.
Upon the effective date of this article,[1] the Township of Mendham shall accept the Mendham West Water Pollution Control System as described in § 272-6 and thereafter shall operate and maintain such system as a self-liquidating municipal utility with dedicated revenues in accordance with all applicable statutes and regulations of the State of New Jersey regarding self-liquidating municipal utilities.
Editor's Note: This article was adopted by Ord. No. 17-2001, which was adopted 8-13-2001.
[Amended 8-13-2001 by Ord. No. 16-2001; 2-9-2009 by Ord. No. 4-2009]
The owner of every property connected to and served by the Mendham West Water Pollution Control System (a self-liquidating municipal utility) shall pay an annual service charge in accordance with the schedule in Chapter 160, Fees.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
The annual service charges provided in Subsection A of this section shall be billed by the Collector of Taxes of the Township and be due and payable quarterly on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1 in each and every year. This billing shall be effective upon the adoption of the ordinance accepting the system.
If any bill for service charges remains unpaid after the due date, the amount due shall bear interest at the rate of 8% per annum up to $1,500 and 18% over $1,500. No interest shall be charged if payment of any quarterly service charge is made within the tenth calendar day following the date upon which the quarterly service charge became due. Service charges, and any interest thereon, provided by this article shall be liens on the respective properties against which such charges are made, and the payment may be enforced in the same manner provided for the collection of taxes.
All service fees received by the Township pursuant to this article shall be dedicated revenues to meet the expenses of the operation and maintenance of the Mendham West Water Pollution Control System in accordance with the provisions of the Local Budget Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:4-1 et seq.