City of Greendale, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 115.010 Elective Officers — Terms.

Section 115.020 Appointive Officers.

Section 115.030 Removal of Officers.

Section 115.040 Officers To Be Voters and Residents — Exceptions.

Section 115.050 Officers' Oath — Bond.

Section 115.060 Salaries Fixed By Ordinance.

Section 115.070 Vacancies in Certain Offices — How Filled.

Section 115.080 Powers and Duties of Officers To Be Prescribed By Ordinance.

Section 115.085 Expense Reimbursement and Advance Policy.

Article II City Clerk

Section 115.090 City Clerk — Election — Duties.

Article IIA City Clerk To Hold Office of City Administrator

Section 115.091 Appointment, Qualifications and Compensation.

Section 115.092 Powers and Duties.

Section 115.093 Bond.

Section 115.094 Removal.

Section 115.095 Oath of Office.

Article III City Treasurer

Section 115.100 City Treasurer — Duties — Bond.

Article IIIA Deputy City Treasurer

Section 115.101 Appointment, Qualifications and Compensation of Deputy Treasurer.

Section 115.102 Duties/Bond.

Article IV City Attorney/Prosecuting Attorney

Section 115.110 Appointment.

Section 115.120 Duties.

Section 115.130 Qualifications.

Section 115.140 Resignation — Removal From Office.

Article V City Administrator

Section 115.141 Office Created.

Section 115.142 Appointment, Qualifications and Compensation.

Section 115.143 Oath of Office.

Section 115.144 Bond.

Section 115.145 Removal.

Section 115.146 Powers and Duties.

Section 115.147 Additional Duties.

Article VI Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 115.150 Officers To Report Receipts and Expenditures.

Section 115.160 Mayor or Board May Inspect Books and Records of Officers.

Section 115.170 Criminal Background Checks.