City of Greendale, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to telecommunications regulations, see ch. 420 of this Title, enacted by ord. no. 442, enacted February 15, 2000 as an amendment to the zoning regulations herein.
Article I In General

Section 405.010 Interpretation and Purposes.

Section 405.020 Citation.

Section 405.030 Definitions.

Article II Districts and District Regulations

Section 405.040 Zoning Districts Designated.

Section 405.050 District Maps.

Section 405.060 District Boundaries.

Section 405.070 Compliance With Regulations.

Section 405.080 Residential or Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.081 Residential Subdistrict — "R-1".

Section 405.082 Residential Subdistrict — "R-2".

Section 405.084 Residential Subdistrict — "R-3".

Section 405.085 Residential Subdistrict — "R-4".

Section 405.086 Residential Design Standards.

Section 405.087 Yard Exceptions and Projections.

Section 405.090 Local Business District.

Section 405.100 Cemetery District.

Section 405.101 Park District.

Section 405.105 Set Distances Between Buildings Established.

Section 405.106 Planned Districts — Purpose and Intent.

Section 405.107 Commercial Building Design Standards.

Section 405.108 Lighting Design Standards.

Section 405.109 Residential Building Design Standards.

Article III Off-Street Parking Requirements

Section 405.110 Off-Street Parking Spaces.

Article IV Non-Conforming Uses

Section 405.120 Non-Conforming Uses.

Article IV-A Conditional Use Permits

Section 405.125 Conditional Use Permits.

Article V Board of Adjustment

Section 405.130 Establishment and Organization.

Section 405.140 Board Meetings.

Section 405.150 Appeals.

Section 405.160 Powers and Duties.

Section 405.170 Conditions of Determination.

Section 405.180 Appeal of Board's Decision.

Article VI Amendments and Changes

Section 405.190 Amendments and Changes.

Article VII Enforcement and Violations

Section 405.200 Enforcement.

Section 405.210 Violation and Penalty.

Article VIII Validity

Section 405.220 Validity.