City of Higginsville, MO
Lafayette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 110.010 Aldermen — Qualifications.

Section 110.015 Mayor — Qualifications.

Section 110.020 To Compose City Government.

Section 110.030 Powers Generally.

Section 110.035 Special Favors Prohibited.

Section 110.040 Officers Appointed By Mayor.

Section 110.050 Salary of Mayor.

Section 110.060 Compensation of Aldermen.

Section 110.070 Expense Allowance For Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Section 110.080 Time, Place For Meetings.

Section 110.090 Adjourned Meetings.

Section 110.100 Calling Special Meetings.

Section 110.110 Presiding Officer.

Section 110.120 Acting President.

Section 110.130 Legislative Powers Vested in Mayor and Board.

Section 110.140 Ordinances — Procedure To Enact.

Section 110.150 Veto.

Section 110.160 Journal Required.

Section 110.170 Semi-Annual Statement Required.

Section 110.180 Process Authorized — Authority To Administer Oaths.

Section 110.190 Depositions Authorized.

Section 110.200 General Duties of Mayor.

Section 110.210 Documents To Be Signed By Mayor — Approval of Bonds.

Section 110.220 Communications From Mayor To Board.

Section 110.230 Mayor May Remit Fines, Grant Pardons.

Section 110.240 (Reserved)

Section 110.250 Reports of City Officers.

Section 110.255 Approval By Board — Payment.

Article II Rules of Procedure

Section 110.260 Applicability.

Section 110.270 Suspension, Alteration of Rules.

Section 110.280 Duties of Presiding Officer.

Section 110.290 Manner of Obtaining Recognition To Speak.

Section 110.300 Determination of Competing Claims To Speak.

Section 110.310 Duty When Called To Order.

Section 110.320 Appeals From Decision of Chair.

Section 110.330 Duty To Vote.

Section 110.340 Seconding of Motions.

Section 110.350 Division of The Question.

Section 110.360 Motions Having Priority.

Section 110.370 When Motion To Adjourn in Order.

Section 110.380 When Vote To Be Entered On Minutes.

Section 110.390 Reports — Deadline For Submitting Matter To Board.

Section 110.400 Members Not To Vote When Interested.

Article III Committees

Section 110.410 Specified — Appointment.

Section 110.420 Duties of The Committees.

Section 110.430 Duties of City Administrator On Committees.