City of Higginsville, MO
Lafayette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Definitions

Section 210.010 Terms defined.

Article II General Provisions

Section 210.020 Domestic Animals or Fowl At Large.

Section 210.030 Impounding Animals at Large; Disposition.

Section 210.040 Dangerous Animals At Large.

Section 210.050 Cleanliness of Premises.

Section 210.060 Responsibility of Parent or Guardian of Minor Owning.

Section 210.070 Animal Care.

Article III Dog Regulations Generally

Section 210.080 Policy.

Section 210.090 Enforcement of Article.

Section 210.100 Exemptions for Licensed Veterinarians.

Section 210.110 Interfering With Police Officers or Animal Control Officers.

Section 210.120 Animal Neglect.

Section 210.130 Animal Abuse.

Section 210.135 Neglected or Abused Animal Not To Be Returned to Owner.

Section 210.140 Confinement of Female Dogs In Heat.

Section 210.150 Vicious Dogs Prohibited — Impoundment.

Section 210.160 When Necessary Force May Be Used To Contain Vicious Dogs To Protect Public.

Section 210.170 Control of Dogs within City — Penalty.

Section 210.175 Fighting; Training to Fight; or Injuring for Amusement or Gain; Penalty — Spectator, Penalty.

Article IV Dog Licensing — Regulations

Section 210.180 License Required.

Section 210.190 Application For License — Contents.

Section 210.200 Fees.

Section 210.210 When License Is To Be Obtained — Penalty For Late Application.

Section 210.220 Memorandum of Vaccination Required Prior to Issuance of License.

Section 210.230 Issuance of Tag and Receipt — Records To Be Kept of Tags and Receipts.

Section 210.240 Tag To Be Affixed To Collar or Harness.

Section 210.250 Tags Not To Be Used On Dogs For Which Tag Was Not Issued.

Section 210.260 Duplicate Licenses.

Section 210.270 Application of Article to Non-Residents.

Article V Impoundment Procedure for Dogs

Section 210.280 When Dogs May Be Impounded — Place of Impoundment.

Section 210.290 Notice to Owner of Impoundment.

Section 210.300 Impounding Officers Not to Receive Fees.

Section 210.310 Posting Notice of Impoundment.

Section 210.320 Failure of Owner to Redeem — Disposition of Dog.

Section 210.330 Redemption Fees.

Section 210.340 Persons Adopting Dogs to Obtain License and Pay Adoption Fee.

Article VI Rabies Control

Section 210.350 Biting Dog, Cat or Other Animal — Confinement of Biting Animal — Responsibility For Expenses — Disposition After Observation.

Section 210.360 Confinement of Animals Exposed To Rabies.

Section 210.370 Animal or Body of Animal Exposed To Rabies To Be Surrendered To Director of Public Health.

Section 210.380 Killing or Removing From City Animals Exposed To Rabies Prohibited — Exceptions.

Article VII Chickens and Livestock

Section 210.390 Number and Type of Chickens Allowed.

Section 210.400 Non-Commercial Use Only.

Section 210.410 Enclosures.

Section 210.420 Chickens at Large.

Section 210.430 Odor and Noise Impacts.

Section 210.440 Predators, Rodents, Insects, and Parasites.

Section 210.450 Livestock and Farm Animals.

Section 210.460 Violations.

Section 210.470 Beekeeping.