City of Higginsville, MO
Lafayette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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The speed limit on any public street in the City of Higginsville shall be twenty-five (25) miles per hour when properly posted, except on those streets listed below.
Speed Limit
Route No. 13:
From the north City limits of Higginsville, Missouri, thence south to a point 300 feet south of the south right-of-way line of 36th Street where 36th Street intersects with the right-of-way line of Missouri State Highway Number 13.
40 m.p.h.
From a point 2,000 feet north of I-70 to a point 500 feet south of I-70.
45 m.p.h.
Portions not otherwise covered.
60 m.p.h.
City Route No. 13:
From the junction of Route No. 13 east on Fairground Avenue and north on Main Street to the Kansas City Southern Railroad right-of-way.
30 m.p.h.
From the railroad right-of-way north to 15th Street.
20 m.p.h.
Route AA: (East 15th Street)
From Main Street east to the City limits.
30 m.p.h.
Route 20: (West 19th Street)
From Main Street west to Missouri State Highway 13.
30 m.p.h.
Route T:
From Fairground Avenue and Main Street south to 26th Street and thence east to the City limits.
30 m.p.h.
Main Street:
From 15th Street to 11th Street.
30 m.p.h.
From 11th Street to a point 800 feet northwest of Junction 213.
40 m.p.h.
From a point 800 feet northwest of Junction 213 west to the City limits.
55 m.p.h.
In Fairground Park
15 m.p.h.