City of Gardner, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 8-5-2013 by Ord. No. 1560]
A classification plan is hereby established for offices and positions in the service of the City, and establishing compensation grades thereof.
All appointive officers and all positions in the City of Gardner, except those filled by popular election and those under the direction and control of the School Committee, shall be classified into positions, groups, and grades according to their duties pertaining to each as herein provided.
[Amended 7-5-2016 by Ord. No. 1594]
Classification Class Title
Pay Grade
Certified Pool Operator (seasonal)
Head Lifeguard
Lifeguard (includes seasonal employees)
Temporary Seasonal Employees (Department of Public Works)
Temporary Seasonal Recreational Playground Supervisor
Temporary Seasonal Technical
Golf Course Laborers/Pro-Shop Assistants - temporary seasonal employment
Golf Course Groundsman
Golf Course Ranger
Grounds Maintenance Man or Motor Equipment Repairman
Working Foreman Grounds Maintenance Man or Working Foreman Motor Equipment Repairman
171A Schedule 1 Yearly Salaries
Created: 2014-07-09
171a Sch 1 Yearly Salaries
171B Schedule 2
Created: 2014-07-09
171b Sch 2 Compensation Schedule
The officers, positions, and classifications are hereby allocated and fixed into salary grades in accordance with Schedule 2 included at the end of this chapter.
Compensation for union and contract personnel is located in the individual union contract documents, individual employee contracts and the City Employee Handbook.
Whenever personnel with a "Grade" classification covered by this article are promoted to a higher grade, such personnel shall initially upon being so promoted be paid at that step level on their new grade which is the next highest in wage or salary from the step level or salary they were receiving in their former grade.
Whenever personnel with a "Position" classification covered by this article are promoted or appointed to a higher salaried position, such personnel shall initially upon being so promoted or appointed be paid at the step level in their new position which will provide them with a salary which is the next highest from the step level salary they were receiving in their position, but in no event shall said increase in salary be less than $250.
When a person is first hired by the City, such personnel shall always start his employment on the first and minimum wage or salary applicable to the grade or position for which the person has been hired. The City Council, upon the recommendation of the appointing authority and with the approval of the Mayor, may, due to special reasons and exceptional circumstances, allow or permit a person to be hired at a rate greater than the minimum rate prescribed for the particular group by the compensation schedule.
After six months of continual service, a new City employee shall be elevated to the next step in his/her salary schedule; thereafter he/she shall be elevated to the next succeeding step after 12 months of service.