Appleton City, MO
St. Clair County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 710.010 Management of Sewerage System — Rules and Regulations of Appleton City, Missouri.

Section 710.020 Water and Sewer Connection Permit.

Section 710.030 Inspection and Right of Entry.

Section 710.040 Liability For Obstruction of or Damage To Public Sewer.

Section 710.050 Violation of Article.

Section 710.060 Liability Of Service User And/Or Property Owner.

Section 710.070 through Section 710.090. (Reserved)

Article II Sewer Laterals

Section 710.100 Defined.

Section 710.110 To Be Laid in Compliance With Codes.

Section 710.120 Construction, Alteration or Repair Prior To Paving — Order By The Board of Aldermen.

Section 710.130 Notice To Owner or Occupant of Property in Front of or Contiguous To Proposed Improvement — Resolution Fixing Time For Hearing, Etc.

Section 710.140 Failure of Owner or Occupant To Comply With Notice.

Section 710.150 Construction Work By City.

Section 710.160 through Section 710.180. (Reserved)

Article III Sewage Disposal and Sewer Use Standards

Section 710.190 Definitions.

Section 710.200 Purpose of Article — Violations As Nuisance — Exemptions.

Section 710.210 Mandatory Sewer Connection — Septic Tanks — Denial of Right To Connect.

Section 710.220 Privies, Septic Tanks and Lagoons Prohibited Where Sanitary Sewer Service Furnished — Violation, Penalty.

Section 710.230 Connection of Surface or Footing Drainage Pipes To Sewers.

Section 710.240 Prohibited Deposits in Sanitary Sewers.

Section 710.250 Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptors.

Section 710.260 Review and Approval Required For Admission of Certain Wastes To Sanitary Sewers — Preliminary Treatment Generally.

Section 710.270 Maintenance of Preliminary Treatment Facilities.

Section 710.280 Control Manholes To Facilitate Observation, Sampling and Measurement of Industrial and Commercial Wastes.

Section 710.290 Measurements and Tests.

Section 710.300 Special Agreements For Treatment of Waste of Unusual Strength.

Section 710.310 Corrective Treatment To Be Accomplished Before Waste Reaches Sanitary Sewer.

Section 710.320 Damaging, Interfering With, Etc., Sewerage System Property.

Section 710.330 Right of Entry, To Enforce Article — Statement and Reports May Be Required From Sewer Users.

Section 710.340 Civil Remedies For Enforcement of Article.

Article IV Sewer Laterals

Section 710.350 Sewer Lateral Lines — Fees For Cleanouts.

Article V Use of Sewerage System

Section 710.360 Definitions.

Section 710.370 Permit Required — Fee.

Section 710.380 Rates.

Section 710.390 Connection Permits.

Section 710.400 Duty of City Sewer Inspector.

Section 710.410 Prohibited Acts.

Section 710.420 Inspections.

Section 710.430 Industrial Wastes.

Section 710.440 Disconnection — When.