City of Shrewsbury, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 2855[1] § 1, 6-14-2016]
The Fire Department of the City of Shrewsbury, Missouri is hereby ratified as a department of the City of Shrewsbury, Missouri.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also replaced former Ch. 201, Fire Department, adopted and amended by CC 1976; Ord. No. 1444, adopted 7-14-1981.
[Ord. No. 2855 § 1, 6-14-2016]
Department Head. The Fire Chief shall be an appointed position who shall perform all functions, powers and duties provided in this Chapter as the head of the Fire Department.
The Fire Chief shall serve as the Director of Emergency Management for the City.
Functions, Powers And Duties. In addition to those general functions, powers and duties given to the department head by other provisions of this Code, the Fire Chief shall:
Administer all programs and joint exercise of power agreements without other jurisdictions providing fire and life protection services and enforce all ordinances related to fire prevention, fire suppression, and the elimination of fire hazards and the administration of life safety codes related thereto by inspecting, or causing to be inspected by his designee, buildings, premises and public thoroughfares, within the corporate City limits for the purpose of enforcing the Fire Code and the appropriate sections of this Code as adopted by Chapter 515.
Administer all programs related to prevention and control of hazardous materials releases.
Administer all emergency medical service programs offered by the City.
Enforce laws and ordinances relating to the prevention, elimination, control and extinguishing of fire hazards and fires, the keeping and handling of potentially dangerous combustibles, explosives and hazardous materials.
Perform services or functions relating to fire prevention, the control and extinguishment of fires, the prevention and control of hazardous materials releases, the provision of emergency medical services and other fire, hazardous material and emergency medical service matters and the enforcement of laws and ordinances related thereto.
Investigate, or cause to be investigated by his designee, any extinguished fire promptly and thoroughly for the cause and origin of the fire, amount of loss and any other information deemed pertinent for purposes of recordkeeping.
In the event of an emergency, to blockade any street, avenue, alley, sidewalk or other place, if necessary, to ensure proper operation and protection of Fire Department equipment from damage.
Solicit, or cause to be solicited by his designee, police officers to assist in keeping streets and highways in the vicinity of an emergency free from vehicles, and solicit, or cause to be solicited by his designee, police and code enforcement officers to assist in keeping fire lanes and fire apparatus access roads free from vehicles.
Propose to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and administer the Fire Department budget.
Recommend to the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen the staffing needs of the Department necessary to carry out the responsibilities herein provided for.
Perform all functions, powers and duties consistent with the laws of the State and the ordinances, policies and directives of the Board of Aldermen and the Mayor given to or required of the Fire Chief.
Perform such other programs or functions related to fires, hazardous materials and emergency medical services that the Board of Aldermen or the Mayor may, from time to time, authorize or request.