City of Shrewsbury, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1976 Sch. II; Ord. No. 754 §22-2, 1-31-1961; Ord. No. 1026 §1, 6-9-1970]
In accordance with the provisions of Section 335.010 and when signs are erected giving notice thereof drivers of vehicles shall stop at every intersection before entering any of the following streets or parts of streets:
Big Bend Boulevard
From and including Wilshusen Avenue to and including Shrewsbury Avenue.
Lansdowne Avenue
From and including Shrewsbury Avenue to the east City limits, except for eastbound Murdoch Cut-Off traffic at the intersection with that street.
Murdoch Cut-Off
From and including Lansdowne Avenue to and including Murdoch Avenue except for westbound Lansdowne Avenue traffic at the intersection with that street and eastbound Murdoch Avenue traffic at the intersection with that street.
Shrewsbury Avenue
From and including Big Bend Boulevard to and including Brunswick Avenue.
St. Vincent Avenue
From but not including Weil Avenue and to but not including Murdoch Cut-Off.
Weil Avenue
From the east City limits to but not including Laclede Station Road except at the intersection with Wilshusen Avenue.
Wilshusen Avenue
Between but not including Big Bend Boulevard and the south City limits, except at the intersection with Murdoch Avenue.
Watson Road (Chippewa Avenue/U.S. Highway 66)
From the eastern City limits to the southern City limits of the City of Shrewsbury, Missouri.
Laclede Station Rd.
From the southern City limits to the northern City limits.
Murdoch Avenue
From its intersection with Murdoch Cutoff to the western City limits.